5-storey building that partially collapsed in Kinoo demolished

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On Mon, 6 Sep, 2021 13:04 | < 1 min read
The building that began collapsing in Kinoo on Friday September 3 is currently being demolished.

The building that began collapsing in Kinoo on Friday, September 3 is currently being demolished.

The five-storey residential building came tumbling down on Friday morning but no one was injured.

Residents in the nearby building vacated.

“We are all in panic as we don’t know what will happen next. As much as we need to get our belongings from the house, it is risky as the building might fall anytime,” one of the tenants in the nearby building said.

Masons at the site said they had noticed structural problems and informed the owner but no action was taken.

They said they noticed a crack on one of the columns on Thursday, prompting them to stop construction.

The collapse of the building came barely a week after another five-storeyed building collapsed in Kihara area near Gachie in Kiambu County leaving several people trapped under the debris.

The tragedy in Gachie occurred shortly after 3:00 pm on Monday, August 30 when construction workers were putting up the sixth floor of the building.

It was also established that the building was erected too fast and concerns emerged when they were putting up the third floor but the matter was ignored.

“This building was constructed too fast. It had some issues when they reached the third floor because residents here complained about it. It appeared it had no balance,” a witness recounted.

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