30-year-old thug killed by mob in Kabete

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On Tue, 20 Dec, 2022 18:53 | 2 mins read
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Scene of Crime tape. PHOTO/Courtesy

A cattle thief faced jungle justice in the early morning of Tuesday, December 20, after raiding someone's homestead in Gitaru within Kabete, Kiambu county.

According to DCI, the thug with his accomplices jumped over the fence at around 4 am in the morning while the owners were asleep but they heard him and alerted neighbours.

The matter was reported to police by a man identified as Chege wa Maguta, who says the thug is believed to be a part of the gang that raids people's homes.

"A robbery suspect who was part of a gang that attempted to stage a robbery last night, but was cornered by irate neighbours who crushed him to a pulp. The suspect was part of a miscreant gang that had jumped into the compound of a villager in Gitaru within Kabete, Kiambu county, but their mission was aborted when the homeowner heard echoes of their feet clomp loudly in his compound and raised alarm," part of the statement read.

Police say the man did not immediately get out but watched through the bedroom’s window and peeped from one corner, to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

"He spotted silhouettes of people moving towards the sheep’s kraal, which had been raided one week ago, and immediately raised alarm as his wife joined him in a melodic cacophony of screams. Uuuuuui! Uuuuuuui! Wezi! Wezi! Mutiuke na nimokire! (Come to our aid! the miscreants have arrived)," the statement further reads.

After screaming for help, "the terrified thugs immediately scattered from the compound and jumped over the perimeter while one of them took cover inside an incomplete structure."

"The neighbours responded immediately and Chege who was pacing up and down the house screaming unlocked the door while pointing towards the direction of the incomplete building, where the remaining thug had taken refuge. By the time officers from King’eero police station arrived, the man couldn’t mutter anything apart from his village of Kahuho."

The commotion attracted the attention of police officers who upon arrival; at the scene rushed the 30-year-old to Wangige level four hospital where he was pronounced dead.

His body lies in the hospital’s morgue pending identification and postmortem.

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