Kirinyaga: 3 women arrested after s******g from Catholic church official

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Kirinyaga: 3 women arrested after stealing from Catholic church official
Police in the company of suspects carry out a search at the vehicle allegedly used to carry out the crime at within Kagio town PHOTO/Richard Mugo.

Three women suspected of conning a Catholic nun at Kagio town in Kirinyaga County were on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, arrested by police for questioning after they were nabbed by members of the public.

The three suspects allegedly applied some drugs to cause confusion to the nun so that they could siphon all the money she had.

According to witnesses, the nun who had gone to Kagio town to run errands was approached right after she alighted from a vehicle that had ferried her there.

"As soon as the Catholic nun alighted from a Mary Immaculate School, Kiambiti, a white vehicle then approached and the occupants greeted her," Margrate Wairimu, a trader at Kagio market, said.

The women approached the nun and one of them offered to share an umbrella with her since it was drizzling.

They introduced themselves as prophetess who would bring all her problems to an end.

"We can tell you are sick and your hand has a problem and at that moment they told her to board their vehicle and they left towards the church," Margret narrated.

Margaret Wairimu, a trader at Kagio market, was among the people who witnessed the Catholic Church's official ordeal PHOTO/Richard Mugo

It is at that point, that the nun was led to a white car which they all boarded.

It is alleged that the nun was dumped at the gate of Kagio Catholic church and the suspects fled.

The driver who had driven the nun to Kagio realized all was not well when she did not show up.

He asked around and later learnt that his passenger had boarded a different vehicle.

Boda boda riders in the company of the nun's driver rushed towards the direction that the white car had headed and located it just in time.

They managed to stop the vehicle as it was speeding away.

Once cornered, the three women offered to return at least Ksh14,000 urging the riders to give it back to the nun but they declined.

"When they went towards the church, they found the nun at the gate saying that she had been directed to recite the Lord's Prayer for seven times as that would solve all her problems," the witness Margaret Wairimu said.

The boda boda riders held the three women until the police officers from Kagio police station arrived and took them away.

Kagio Catholic Church Priest Jackson Wanjohi said he was alerted of a church official who had been sedated by unknown people who tried to rob her.

Kagio Catholic Church father in Charge at Kagio police station PHOTO/Richard Mugo

"I was informed that a sister from Mary Immaculate had been sedated and the suspects tried to rob from her. They had also taken her to church. The suspects have been so far arrested and are held at Kagio Police station and I have seen them. They are three women," the priest said.

At the same time, former Kanyeki-ini ward MCA in Kirinyaga Central Harrison Ngiria showed up at the police station in a bid to see the suspects.

He however said that they are not the ones who had robbed him.

He is also a victim of a similar type of robbery.

The former MCA was dragged in his own vehicle.

Outside the police station, he told K24 Digital that he fell victim to a similar trap one evening while driving from Kutus to Sagana town.

On the way, he gave to women a lift in his private vehicle.

"When we reached around Sagana police station a few minutes to 6 pm, they told me that I was driving too fast and that it is dangerous," Ngiria said.

He was shocked since he was driving at the speed of around 60 km per hour, as such he says it was not a dangerous speed.

Right at about that moment, the woman seated at the back right side of the vehicle tried to snatch the car keys while the vehicle was still in motion.

The lady seated on the left side immediately jumped onto the left passenger seat which had been empty all along.

The former MCA at the Kirinyaga county assembly said that he lost consciousness in the midst of the commotion.

He woke up the next day at around 7 am.

"It was around 6:30 pm and I gained consciousness the next day at around 7:19 am. My phone was missing. We had also been given Ksh10,000 air time at the assembly and I only had airtime worth Ksh1,000. They also carried my wife's ID card which I had placed on the vehicle's dashboard," he said.

He reported the matter at Sagana police station in Kirinyaga West Sub-county.

The former ward representative further adds that there seems to be a larger network of such people working around the county.

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