208 boys sodomised, 2,120 girls raped in Nairobi – report

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On Sat, 3 Dec, 2022 18:03 | 2 mins read
208 boys sodomised, 2,120 girls raped in Nairobi - report
Victims of defilement. PHOTO/Courtesy.

A report by the Kenya Health Information system has revealed a worrying rise in cases of defilement in Nairobi county.

Data from the Kenya Health Information system show that 208 boys of age 17 and below were sodomised in Nairobi county between the months of January and September while 2,120 girls were raped.

The same report showed that 121 boys under the age of 11 years were sodomised while 552 girls below the age of 11 were also defiled between January and September.


The President’s Advisor on Women's Rights Harriette Chiggai put perpetrators of defilement on notice while visiting Gender-Based Violence Centres and Safe Houses in Nairobi county on Friday, December 2, 2022.

Chiggai noted that most of the culprits involved in cases of defilement were young men, some police officers and pastors.

“It is said that the culprits are young men, some police officers and some pastors, who initiate young men into sex cults,” she said.

Chiggai in collaboration with the Nairobi County Gender-based violence coordinator Roselyn Mukabana vowed to incorporate the police in tracking down offenders.

Cases outside Nairobi

Apart from minors, culprits have also targeted the mentally challenged, the elderly who are mostly molested in thickets or at houses and even drunkards.

In late November this year, police in Bomet launched a manhunt for a suspect who sodomised a drunken man after locking him up in his house for over 10 hours.

According to a statement from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the suspect only identified as Silas Lay attacked the 33-year-old victim at a pub in Mosonik village, Chepalungu, where he was enjoying drinks with his friends.

The victim is said to have excused himself to go for a short call when the suspect struck and led him to his house situated approximately 200 metres away from Jumbo club.

At his home, the suspect locked up the helpless man and repeatedly sexually assaulted him until the next day afternoon when he was rescued by a passerby, who heard a commotion coming from the house.


In Mombasa, another case that made headlines involved a six-year-old pupil who was sodomized by a 12-year-old in the school toilet at Saint Kevin Hills school Nyali.

According to the victim's mother, her son is alleged to have been sodomized since January this year inside the school toilets and the family discovered the unfortunate ordeal after the minor began passing stool on himself.

Tests conducted at the Coast General Hospital gender recovery centre indicated that the minor had been sodomized on several occasions.

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