2 books that Wajackoyah wants Kenyans to read

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On Thu, 30 Jun, 2022 14:02 | 2 mins read
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Wajackoyah during a previous event. PHOTO/Courtesy

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah is arguably the most learned presidential candidate in the 2022 General Elections, with at least 17 academic degrees.

His value for books, both academic and life, have been depicted in the recent past in media interviews where once in a while he recommends books for his fans.

Below are two books he has recommended to the political class and Kenyans at large:-

  1. 48 Laws of Power (1998)

The 48 Laws of Power (1998) is a non-fiction book by American author Robert Greene. The book is a New York Times bestseller, selling over 1.2 million copies in the United States, and is popular with prison inmates and celebrities.

The book literally outlines '48 laws of power', with some laws teaching the need for prudence (Law 1: Never Outshine the Master), others teaching the value of confidence (Law 28: Enter Action with Boldness), and many recommend absolute self-preservation (Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally).

Wajackoyah's take on common sense

2. Controlling Common Sense

The book, according to Wajackoyah, talks about applying logic and intelligence while making decisions, whether political or in life.

"Let people know the 48 rules of power and also read a book called controlling common sense and let's apply the intelligence and logics wherever you are in a place," he said.

Wajackoya studied policing and criminal investigation at Kenya Police Training College in Kiganjo, and graduated as a police officer before joining the CID Training School to pursue security and intelligence studies.

He also holds a certificate in comparative laws from the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), a postgraduate diploma at Maastricht University, economics and refugee law degree from World University Service and a bachelor of laws degree from the Universities of Wolverhampton. 

He also holds a masters degree in law at development from the University of Warwick and another LLM from the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies.

The lawyer also holds a Phd from Walden University, among other academic degrees

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