16-year-old mentally ill boy burnt to death inside locked abandoned house

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 7 Aug, 2021 10:58 | 2 mins read
Mentally sick boy dies after fire tragedy. PHOTO: K24 Digital

A family in Bartolimo, Kipsaraman, Baringo County is mourning following the death of their loved one who burnt beyond recognition in an abandoned house.

Gilbert Chesut, a 16-year-old mentally challenged boy was discovered dead after a search following the inferno bore no fruits.

"We tried to put off the fire but it was too much, we went away for a while and after returning to the scene we realised that someone was inside the house. We tried to find out who amongst us was not around and realised it was him (Chesut). We thought he was taking care of the cows but he was not there. Later that evening was when we realised that it was him that got burnt in the house," Alfred Langa't who was among the first responders said.

Lang'at alleged foul play in the victim's death disclosing that the house was locked with a padlock during the fire incident.

"He was mentally ill but he would speak. However, he was not working and he would not even climb a staircase. We are wondering how he set himself on fire yet he cannot even climb a window or strike a matchbox," he said.

He further argued that due to his state, the victim was not in a position to strike a matchbox, let alone getting inside the house and setting himself on fire.

"We are wondering what started the fire because there was someone inside yet he cannot even go through the window, is it that someone started the fire? We are not sure," Lang'at said.

Area Member of County Assembly (MCA) John Aingwa condoled with the family following the tragedy, further calling authorities to speed investigations into the fire incident.

"I'm calling upon the relevant authorities to look into the matter to ascertain whether it was an accident or there was a foul play and if so, bring the perpetrators to book," he said.

Baringo County Governor Stanley Kiptis also visited the family.