Why you should give that mama’s boy a chance

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On Sat, 27 Jul, 2019 17:52 | 2 mins read
When the word mama’s boy is mentioned, many think of a spoilt big man who is over-dependent on his mother. [PHOTO | COURTESY]
When the word mama’s boy is mentioned, many think of a spoilt big man who is over-dependent on his mother. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

When the word mama’s boy is mentioned, many think of a spoilt big man who is over-dependent on his mother.

Many believe the man’s final decisions are made by his mother when he is faced by moments of dilemma.

I mean, which woman would like to compete for attention with her mother-In-law? Or worse, still, be compared to her boyfriend’s or husband’s mother in everything she does?

It sounds like a relationship deal-breaker, right? But dear sister, there is always the other side of a coin.

Ladies out here crying themselves to sleep over bad boys who have perfected the art of shredding innocent hearts, maybe it is time you tried out a serious life partner who, most likely, is a mama’s boy .

It is absolutely normal for a man to bond with his mother at whatever age, just like girls get close to their dads.

However, the stereotypical representation of the mama’s boy is way exaggerated and can be misleading. In fact, a mama’s boy can be classical masculine figure and loving at the same time.

And tell you what, a man’s relationship with his mother says much about how he relates with women in general, and, most times, the closer he is to his mother, the better. 

If you ever land yourself a mama’s boy, here are reasons why you should gladly hold on to him:

-They love, respect women unconditionally-

The same love he has for his sweet mommy will also be poured unto you because over the years, he has learnt to appreciate women and their efforts.

-They see women beyond gender stereotypes-

It is not that they are blind to the ‘good’ things that come with femininity. This kind of men see the inner strength of a woman. You actually don’t have to fight for equality in your own house.

-They are not afraid to show emotion-

Men tend to suppress their emotions, especially, when women want to figure out what they are feeling exactly.

Mamas’ boys, on the other hand, are emotionally-strong, and are able to articulate other people’s emotions as well as their own. 

-They mind about what you say-

‘Are you even listening?’ How many times have you used this familiar phrase on your man? Mamas’ boys have a genuine listening ear often ensued by due actions; all thanks to mama.

-They are less likely to have bad friends and habits-

Most mothers are very intuitive and tend to have a lot of positive influence on their children. Being the obedient one, a mama’s boy will never be part of that bad boys’ gang, and chances are high that they never pick on their nose, and are always clad in a sweater during chilly days and nights.

-They understand a mother’s struggles-

A mama’s boy has watched his mother struggle to raise him. He understands the tumult of juggling between work and family. He values making your already-difficult life bearable.

Bond too strong to be broken?

However, it is important to note that you can never come between your man and his mother. So, stay in your lane! Looking for some real love? Then get yourself a mama’s boy or rather a mama’s man.

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