4 unique strategies men should use for their women to remain loyal

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On Fri, 19 Aug, 2022 09:48 | 3 mins read
A happy couple having a good time dancing. PHOTO/Pexels

You can make a lady fall in love with you quite simply, but it takes work to maintain her feeling that way for a longer period of time. 

Loyalty in itself is a result of your sincere efforts in a relationship to make your spouse happy, it cannot be purchased with money.

When a couple agrees to engage in a relationship, it is expected that each party wants to be pleased and enjoy their time with their significant other. However, let’s agree that maintaining healthy relationships over the long term is not always simple, it requires hard work.

Happy couple having a good time, PHOTO/Pexels
Happy couple having a good time, PHOTO/Pexels

I agree, that it’s not easy and sometimes one of you can begin to take your relationship for granted. You think that since you've already won that man or woman's heart, the journey's over. Once you reach that stage, you no longer put as much effort into the relationship as you did when you started dating.

With this in mind, either of you is expected to stay loyal to your partner and to the course to the very end. In this article, I will highlight some strategies men can use to make their women stay loyal.

It's not complicated, so I'll divide it into four manageable sections. After reading, simply be sure to try to ingest and actually put them into practice.

Be honourable

As it’s highlighted, loyalty must be earned; one way to do this is by proving to your partner that you are deserving of their loyalty. Women choose a man whom they can rely on and who they know will always be loyal to them. 

Loving couple having a cosy talk on the couch. PHOTO/Pexels
Loving couple having a cosy talk on the couch. PHOTO/Pexels

If you identify as white, live up to your claim; if you support black causes, maintain it that way. Don't tell a woman you love her now if she will see you with another woman tomorrow; otherwise, she will begin to mistrust you. Keep your word and be true to yourself.

Ensure she feels needed

How can you ensure your lady feels that she is needed? By letting her know every day how vital she is to your existence. When you can, take the initiative to call or text her, go see her when she requests it and put her happiness first before yourself. 

In some cases, all you need to do is show her that you're making an effort to keep her around, and that should be enough.

Act tolerant

Women are inherently impatient creatures, so you must be the exact opposite if you want to build a lasting connection with her. 

Sounds tough yeah? If she knows you're actually willing to put up with her shortcomings, she'll stay with you. 

This is not to advocate that you keep up with her unnecessary troubles, but it never hurts to have a little tolerance and patience. Women are aware of this and respect it.

Man gifting his woman a bouquet of red roses. PHOTO/Pexels
Man gifting his woman a bouquet of red roses. PHOTO/Pexels

Display ambition

Being successful is a good thing but money or wealth may not be everything. A lady wants to know that you have goals and you aren't just trying to get by. 

Demonstrate your aims, demonstrate your drive. She will be there to encourage you if you can demonstrate that you have a goal. It’s equally important for your lady to have things going on in her life too. 

In conclusion, remember, starting a relationship is easy but being in it and nurturing it with a mature mindset is a tough ongoing task. 

Every relationship has its own share of ups and downs. You cannot just take a break from a relationship unless, of course, the situation at the time is completely unbearable. But on the bright side, learn to hold each other accountable and remember why you got into that relationship in the first place.