Viral catchphrases of 2022 and their origins

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A graphical representation of viral catchphrases of 2022 and their origins.
A graphical representation of viral catchphrases of 2022 and their origins.

In 2022, the internet was full of a myriad of catchphrases that either emanated from the political field, especially during the campaigns or from the entertainment field.

Most of the phrases went viral across all the social media platforms that are mostly used by Kenyans including Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Part of the phrases and slogans that went viral in 2022 were borrowed from other countries in Africa or from across the world. 'Murife don't run' and 'Kata simu tupo site' were among the phrases of that ilk.

The phrases were so viral and entertaining, that some artistes would use them as song titles or invoke them in their songs for traction.

Here are some of the viral phrases that wowed Kenyans in 2022;

1. Murife don't run

The phrase 'Murife Don't Run' came from a viral video that captured a middle-aged South African man being chased by two puppies in a compound.

In the video, which went viral on Tiktok, a female voice can be heard urging him (Murife) not to run despite the puppies in his pursuit.

Netizens found the advice ludicrous, with most of them arguing that Murife was justified to run for his life.

2. Hii imeenda

This was among the phrases that emanated from the hotly contested presidential elections.

During one of Raila Odinga's rallies in Kericho county, Suna East MP Junet Mohamed made the remark pointing out that the presidency was gone.

His statement would later outlive the moment as netizens picked it for other contexts.

The phrase has been used numerously when celebrities announce pregnancies or new relationships.

3. Kata simu tupo site

This was part of the phrases that Kenyans borrowed from other countries. It was picked from Mzee Mjegeje, an elderly Tanzanian comedian.

The funnyman was captured in a viral clip telling an unidentified person on a phone call to
hang up because he was busy on his end.

The catchphrase excited netizens and was used in various contexts.

The phrase was mostly used by social media users to indicate that they were either at work or so engaged in other activities to spare time for merry-making.

Some also used it to indicate that they were already merry-making and calling them would be a distraction.

4. Mapema ndio best

This slogan was both relevant in the political field and in the partying world.

Politicians, especially Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, used it to urge his supporters to wake up and cast their ballots early then move to other activities.

Party lovers also used it to urge revelers to join parties early so as to avoid missing out on anything.

This is also part of the viral slogans that later became song titles.

Gengetone artiste Gwaash featured K4kanali and OnlyOneDelo in a track titled 'Mapema Ndio Best.' The song has so far mustered 283,000 views on Youtube.

5. Hiyo ni uongo

This was most popular on Tiktok after a user posted a video of an irked audience shutting down a speaker in Nandi county for taking them for a ride.

The said speaker, took to the podium to announce that Nandi Governor Stephen Sang had disbursed Ksh240 million in bursary funds to aid needy students.

This however did not augur well with the audience who shouted him down in unison.

The phrase was picked by netizens and has so far been used in different settings to shut down anyone deemed to be lying.

6. Mambo ni mengi masaa ndio machache

This phrase went viral on Tiktok and later spill to other social media platforms.

The phrase was mostly used by netizens to indicate that they had several activities lined up but had limited time to complete them.

7. Enda ukaskie vibaya na ukooo

This phrase was picked from a video that captured comedian-cum-radio host, King Kalala, telling off her haters.

Netizens picked the phrase and now use it whenever anyone appears to be hating on them, their favourite celebrity or politician and whenever someone appears to be trolling other users on social media.

8. Sina maoni

This phrase went viral on voting day after Citizen TV reporter Chemutai Goin approached a voter who had queued in one polling station in Uasin Gishu county to give his views on the elections.

Caught by surprise and stage fright, the man answered the reporter that he had no opinion on the voting process so far.

Dennis Ombogo who sina maoni phrases went viral
Dennis Ombogo whose 'sina maoni' clip went viral on August 9, 2022. PHOTO/Courtesy

His 'Sina Maoni' answer went viral that morning with Kenyan entrepreneurs going as far as printing merchandise with his face and the catchphrase emblazoned on them.

9. Freshi barida

This phrase went viral after popular Youtuber Eve Mungai interviewed musician Stevo Simple Boy.

Asked how he had been fairing on, the 'Vijana Tuache Mihadarati' hitmaker replied Freshi Barida much to the excitement of Kenyans.

The phrase went viral across all social media platforms to the extent that Stevo did a music video with the slogan as the title.

Stivo simple boy launches Juice brand. PHOTO/(Stevosimpleboy8)Instagram
Stevo simple boy. PHOTO/(Stevosimpleboy8)Instagram

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