Easy ways to stop the shame, cure sweaty palms naturally

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On Fri, 9 Sep, 2022 11:00 | 3 mins read
Man showing sweaty palms. PHOTO/Pexels

For many young individuals, sweaty palms are perhaps the most annoying thing ever. Just as you are about to meet someone for the first time, your palms start to gush water everywhere.

How exactly do you extend that handshake, for example? I agree that both the issue and the condition themselves are embarrassing to deal with.

Another name for sweaty palms is hyperhidrosis. It is another name for sweating on the palm in medicine.

You must pay attention to when your palms start to perspire. When you are under any sort of emotional stress, you might find that you perspire more.

Sweaty man holding his head in sadness. PHOTO/Pexels
Sweaty man holding his head in sadness. PHOTO/Pexels

What triggers it? There are many things, but stress and worry rank first. It has been demonstrated that engaging in stressful activities or experiencing high levels of stress can result in sweaty palms. But that's not all; encountering anxiety and dread can also have the same effect.

There is evidence from studies that it may possibly be inherited. If it runs in the family, there is a good risk that you will have it; even if not, your children might.

Other times, sweating can happen, especially if you're rushing to finish a task with a strict deadline (like an exam) or a project at work, for example. If that applies to you, you might want to try the following.

Here are some simple steps to take to either cure or at least control the condition:

1. Apply hand antiperspirant designed for hands.

2. Keep alcohol hand wipes close at hand for emergency situations.

3. To remove sweat from your palms, use baby powder or cornstarch.

4. To stay hydrated and keep your body cool, drink plenty of water.

5. Avoid meals that make you work up sweat, such as spicy snacks, alcohol, red meat, and caffeine.

6. Consume vitamin-rich foods that encourage balance and sound digestion.

7. Use natural therapies like rose water, coconut oil, or sage tea soaks.

8. Physical activity lowers stress.

9. Go to the doctor. If none of the abovementioned remedies work, you might need to contact a doctor for specialized care, which will depend on your body type and the severity of the illness. Among the specialized treatments are Botox, prescription medications, etc.

Man soaking his sweaty hands in cornstarch. PHOTO/Pexels
Man soaking his sweaty hands in cornstarch. PHOTO/Pexels

Please take note that a body's response to internal or external stress is mostly sweating palms. Look for strategies to handle it well.

Your condition will considerably improve if you can learn to manage your stress. You can even lose sight of the fact that you used to perspire on your palms after a few days.

After that, allow me to add that it might also be a medical condition, especially if you have excessive palm sweating. You should see a skilled skin specialist if you sweat so much that drops start to gather on your palms. 

A doctor's visit is also required if there are any concurrent conditions like a rash on the palms, itching, or skin peeling through the rash because I am not a medical professional.