Signs that your child is addicted to the internet

By K24Tv Team On Tue, 17 Sep, 2019 13:01 | < 1 min read
technology addiction
An infographic revealing signs to watch out for to protect children from tech addiction and online bullying. GRAPHIC | MICHAEL MOSOTA

Over the weekend, many Kenyan parents who consume online media were shocked by a viral video published by a Consolata School pupil.

The boy, 12, used offensive language to describe and threaten a female schoolmate he accused of spreading foul gossip about him.

His prolific use of popular social media tools raised concerns over children’s addiction to the internet and tech gadgets, especially because of harmful influence on their behaviour.

With today’s children learning to use smartphones and other electronic gadgets at an early age, it is only appropriate for parents to monitor and control their exposure to the internet and electronic gadgets.

Below is a list of some of the signs parents and guardians should monitor to protect children from screen addiction:

  1. The child is irritable, anxious or sad after having the gadget withdrawn.
  2. Your child can’t control their screen use
  3. More argumentative and defensive than usual
  4. Your child hides gadgets and lies about how much time they spend on the device
  5. It preoccupies their thoughts. The child talks about online games even when not using it.
  6. Low concentration, memory and learning problem.
  7. Has problems with socialisation and interacting with other children
  8. Exhibits problematic behaviour when unable to access digital devices

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