Kenyan TikToker Nyako set to be deported from Germany

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On Thu, 28 Dec, 2023 14:43 | 2 mins read
Nyako. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24 Digital

Controversial Tiktoker Rose Atieno aka Nyako Pilot has revealed that German authorities have already prepared her deportation papers.

Speaking in a live video, Nyako announced she was being deported from Germany without giving reasons for deportation.

The Germany-based TikToker claimed that her power and water connections had already been disconnected ahead of her deportation.

"Nimekatiwa stima, nataka mchango. Wamesema next weekend nakua deported so I don't need stima. Deportation papers zangu ziko tayari so wamenikatia stima, ata maji sina imagine. Deportation papers ziko tayari, sasa sijui nani ata adopt hawa watoto wangu," Nyako said.

The controversial TikToker added that her children would not be deported together with her because they have German citizenship.

"Mkenya mgani atajitolea aishi na watoto wangu, ju mama mtoto akisha deportiwa sasa watoto watabaki na nani yawa? Watoto wangu hawezi rudishwa Kenya coz they have German citizenship," she said.

Nyako further told off those who were preparing to celebrate her deportation.

The content creator sarcastically stressed that her fans would contribute to her even if she is deported from Germany.

"Pesa bado naye mtatoa, it doesn't matter kama nko Kenya. Kwanza nkiwa Kenya ndo best, ndo ntawafinya vizuri. Pesa mtatoa, mchango ahh mchango ehh," Nyako said.

Nyako used to work as a commercial sex worker in Kenya before she moved to Germany.

In an interview with Vincent Mboya, the controversial TikToker confessed that she was christened ‘Nyako’ by fellow sex workers while she was still working as a prostitute in Kenya.

“[My real name is] Rose Atieno. Nyako came from the street, I used to be a prostitute that is where the name came from. From the ‘Njeris’, they gave me that name,” Nyako said.

Asked if she felt ashamed for saying she used to be a prostitute, Nyako said she could not change her past. She added that her past made her who she is today.

“I cannot run away from my past. I can only change what I do now but I cannot run away from my past because my past made me who I am today,” Nyako said.

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