Mom with double uterus expecting babies in both

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Mom with double uterus expecting babies in both
Mom with double uterus expecting babies in both. PHOTO/Print

Kelsey Hatcher, a 32-year-old mom of three, and her husband Caleb said they were surprised to learn earlier this year that Kelsey was pregnant.

The couple was even more surprised to learn at Hatcher’s eight-week ultrasound appointment that she was expecting two babies.

Hatcher and her husband described themselves as completely shocked to learn that the babies are each in their own uterus, a result of Hatcher being born with a rare condition known as uterine didelphys, or double uterus, meaning she was born with two uteruses and two cervixes.

While uterine didelphys is rare on its own, the odds of being pregnant at the same time in each uterus are about “one in a million,” according to Dr Richard Davis, a maternal and fetal medicine specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Women & Infants Centre, where Hatcher is being treated. “When I first found out, I was like, ‘I wonder if there’s anybody I can reach out to just to, you know, see what their experiences were,’” Hatcher told local media.”

“But I think I have only read of two other cases (in which) they’ve had (pregnancies) in completely separate uteruses, and no one that I’ve been able to reach out to.” Hatcher said she learned she had a double uterus at age 17, but with each of her three previous pregnancies, she had a single baby carried in one uterus.                        

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