List of Kenyan celebrities who have suffered from depression

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On Sun, 24 Apr, 2022 13:30 | 3 mins read
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Comedian David Oyando whose stage name is Mulamwah. PHOTO/Courtesy

People assume that celebrities do not face mental illnesses like depression or anxiety because of their social media postings depicting exotic places, captions expressing pleasure and happiness, and everything else in their lives. That is clearly not the case.

Here's a list of celebrities that struggled with depression despite their success;


Mulamwah was at the pinnacle of his career when he was confronted with a dilemma that threatened to bring his career to a halt. The social media haters eventually got too much for him to take, and he decided to give up comedy.

Comedian David Oyando alias Mulamwah. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

After some time, the comic developed a thicker skin and resumed his stand-up routine. Since then, he's been becoming stronger.

Grace Ekirapa

The wife of famed actor Pascal Tokodi and host of the Cross Over 101 show took to Instagram to raise awareness about depression. She described how, while she was in primary school, she attempted suicide by taking 18 pills due to depression. When she was in high school, she attempted a similar suicide attempt, this time swallowing 35 tablets, but she was lucky enough to live.



Mejja admitted to contemplating suicide in an interview with radio Jambo after his ex-wife broke up with him through text message without an explanation. The father of one explained that he thought he had to cope with the problem alone since he didn't think others would comprehend what he was going through.

“It’s good to talk about depression, if you have friends reach out, call them, and see them physically because they lie sometimes that they are okay and they are not. And don’t believe everything you see on social media, because if I didn’t tell you my story you would never know. Don't wish for someone's life because you don’t know their story.’’ he added.

Genge Artist Mejja PHOTO/COURTESY

Betty Kyallo
Betty has had her fair share in terms of going through a rough patch. It all started when her lavish wedding went wrong just months later, sending her into a melancholy and anxiety spiral. Soon after, her darling daughter became unwell and got an illness that landed her in the intensive care unit, putting her in the midst of life and death. Betty was all over the media as a result of this, and she later said in interviews that she was low at the time.

Former TV presenter Betty Kyallo. PHOTO/COURTESY