Favourite lipstick colours every lady should own

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On Wed, 31 Aug, 2022 16:08 | 3 mins read
A lady applying lipstick. PHOTO/Pexels

Without any doubt, lipsticks are strong fashion accessories. They have the power to improve or detract from your appearance. Regardless of how basic your attire is, the right lipstick colour can elevate you into something more elegant if worn with it.

Lipsticks exist in a variety of colours, forms, and sizes, and occasionally they reflect the wearer.

Having a good lipstick is a very significant tool that doesn't compromise choosing the perfect colour for anything, as every sophisticated and fashionable woman is aware.

As varied as lipstick colours are, several are regarded as standard and fundamental. They are used frequently and look better on you than others. Five of them are listed below:

Lipstick in red

Most ladies love this colour, and men enjoy seeing it on women. It is a colour for the outspoken, fashionable, and adventurous woman who wishes to stand out.

A lady applying red lipstick. PHOTO/Pexels
A lady applying red lipstick. PHOTO/Pexels

Red lipstick adds colour to any ensemble, and despite popular belief that it is inappropriate to wear it to work, it may be worn anyplace as long as it is worn sparingly. 

You can dress more formally if you're heading to a party or event, but keep it casual at business and official gatherings/events.

I would greatly recommend the red lipstick for those date nights where you want to stand out.

A pink lipstick

This one is also lovely, however, you must choose the hue that complements your skin tone because there are various tints available.

Pink is feminine, charming, and attractive. Depending on the style you want, it can also be worn anyplace.

A brown lipstick

Although there are other colours of brown, we're concentrating on the colour light brown. It is a colour that goes with any clothing and can be worn to any occasion because it is natural, lovely, and not "overly in your face." Any skin tone can wear it, and it can be worn softly or strongly.

Beautiful lady applying her lipstick. PHOTO/Pexels
Beautiful lady applying her lipstick. PHOTO/Pexels

The lipstick in purple

Even though this hue appears to be less common or utilized as frequently as the others, it is nevertheless a classic lip colour due to its bold, distinctive, and attractive results. It usually sticks out.

A nude lipstick

The colours in this one are often muted and light. Contrary to popular misconception, wearing at a party is not too mild. Although it looks better when applied extensively, if done so, the eye makeup must stand out or be very obvious.

When people buy vivid coloured eye makeup, they tend to tone down the lips with a neutral colour because wearing thick eye shadow with lipstick might be disastrous.

A smiling lady after lipstick application. PHOTO/Pexels
A smiling lady after lipstick application. PHOTO/Pexels

Black ladies must be aware of the appropriate lipstick colour for their skin tone. There are certain pink lipstick hues that a black lady should never be seen wearing. 

Even the widely used red or nude lipstick comes in a variety of colours, so you have to choose the one that works best for you.

Blotting is a technique used by beauty gurus and makeup artists. It removes extra oils and keeps lipstick from smearing. Initially, place a tissue between your lips and press lightly for a few seconds. 

Then, using a fluffy brush and setting or translucent powder, lightly dust it on your tissue. Finally, add another layer of colour, and you're done.