JOB SEEKER’S RANT: My interviewers disappeared into phone jokes

By K24Tv Team On Fri, 30 Oct, 2020 08:56 | 2 mins read
Job Interview
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Job seekers go through a lot in interviews. Sometimes they have take-home lessons from their interactions with potential employers. However, there are occasions interviewees are caught off guard by oftentimes strange questions or unusual behaviours of interviewers. This column is dedicated to job seekers to share their bizarre experiences.

“We are ready for you”. A gentleman said as he ushered me into the interview room. I could tell that it was a panel of five and each of them seemed ready for me. I sat down and as I started introducing myself, I realized that two of the panelists were on their phones texting or reading texts. One was blatantly giggling – seemingly amused by something he was reading. He even attempted to show another panelist what was making him happy. The other two panelists, from their looks, were curious to be shown the same.

I remained with one panelist who was asking me questions. Slightly into the conversation, the panelist whom I remained with received a call which she explained was urgent. She picked the call and walked out. It is at this time that the four panelists, seemingly in a jovial mood, realized that I was left unattended.

The remaining lady in the panel went on like, “Could you kindly recap what you were saying so that we can pick it from where our colleague had left?”

As she said that, the two other panelists were still side chatting.

At this point, I requested for the other two to join the conversation so that I don’t have to repeat myself. I could tell from the body language that they were not happy with my request.

From this point on, the interview turned defensive (fault-finding) until the only focused panelist returned from her cellphone call.

Sometimes, I feel I should have just walked out or begged to leave when the giggling started. Maybe I should have requested to hold on till the mature panelist returned from the call.

I am happy I lost the job and I am not surprised that I never even received a regret letter. However, I am curious about who the successful candidate looked like.

What a shame!

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