Inside Baringo’s beautiful yet little-known island: PHOTOS

By Bernard Gitau On Wed, 2 Oct, 2019 15:45 | 2 mins read
Kokwa Island
Inhabitants of Kokwa Island in Lake Baringo never have to worry about moving their cows. They can swim. PHOTO | BERNARD GITATU | PD

Kokwa is one of eight islands on Lake Baringo and it boasts about 3,000 inhabitants.

While Kokwa Island is rocky and local residents decry lack of government services, the inhabitants have adapted and make the best of what life has offered them.

Since crop farming on a rocky land can be quite difficult, the residents instead practice animal husbandry.

Surrounded by water on all sides, the locals hardly worry about moving their cattle from their island for sale outside. Their cows can swim.

While Baringo County maybe far away from Nairobi, it also boasts many tourist hotspots, including Lake Baringo and Bogoria.

The island is home to the Il Chamus, lake Nilotes who have kept their ancestors fishing skills.

They fish using light rafts made from ambatch tree wood, like their ancestors did many years ago.

The other islands on Lake Baringo are: Devil’s Island, Rongena, Lengai, Samatian, Lokoros, Parmolos and Bamalok.

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