How to switch off the annoying electricity meter beeping alarm

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On Tue, 20 Jul, 2021 17:43 | < 1 min read
Kenya Power announces maintenance, token purchase outage
Kenya Power Meter box. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenya Power token meters have their fair share of annoying moments, but you can easily avoid the embarrassment.

In most cases, the whole neighborhood will know that you are in a bad position if your electric units run out, all thanks to the beeping alarm.

Luckily, you can get some peace of mind by turning off the low electricity units alarm depending on the meter model - because token meters come in different types and models.

Below are the steps to clear or stop the beeping sound on the different models of prepaid meters.


To stop this sound as you plan to buy additional tokens, long-press the “Enter” button.

For one reason or another, a method may not work for your meter model so always try out the steps specified for the other models. These steps will be updated regularly to include new meter models or tricks.

Conlog Intech

A one long press on the hash (#) button will stop the sound on a Conlog meter that keeps beeping when you have few units.


Hexing meter model seems to be most common in many households.

To stop the beeping sound on this meter you need to press 812, then hash (#), or press 812 then “Enter”.


If your meter has the name “Nirav Star Instrument” printed on it, just press 1037 then hit “Enter” button 3 times.


Long press 'Enter’ button until meter stops beeping.


Press 812 then hash (#) button.


Press 016 then hit ‘Enter” button.


Press 1037 then hit “Enter” button 3 times.

Now you know!