January chronicles: How to prepare a delicious Ugali-Suk*ma wiki meal

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January chronicles: How to prepare a delicious Ugali-Sukuma meal
Ugali-Sukuma wiki meal. PHOTO/Courtesy

Arguably the hardest month is finally (almost) coming to an end and if you are running low on cash and don't know what to prepare, here is a good bet to keep you going.

Ugali is a staple starch component in many households in Kenya and is often served with collard greens aka Sukuma wiki.

It can also be served with multiple other dishes such as beef, buttermilk, and chicken among many others, and the meal is quite enjoyable and keeps your energy up for hours.

Ugali is generally made from maize flour and hot water and cooked into a dough-like consistency to the texture of your liking.

It takes one not less than 30 minutes to prepare ugali depending on the type of flour used, with whole grain flour taking about an hour for one to get that perfect ugali.


  • Maize flour
  • Boiling water

The quantity is entirely dependent on the portion you are making.

What you need

Apart from the right flour and water, you will need a saucepan and a wooden spoon also known as mwiko, as well as a cooker or stove to cook the ugali on.

The pot should be preferably a non-stick pan and also should be heavy and big enough to help with your stirring.


Lit up your stove and have your pan with water. Wait until the water boils.

Fetch some boiled water on the side and pour your flour into the pot.

Allow it to boil again for a while before you start stirring with a wooden cooking spoon.

Keep stirring while gradually, sprinkling in a little flour at a time until the mixture is smooth and to the consistency of your liking. (It could be smooth or thick).

In case it's too firm, add the water you had on the side to avoid lumps.

Leave it to cook with low heat until the dough pulls from the side of the pot then turn it so the top can cook as well for a few minutes and make sure it doesn't burn.

Afterwards, carefully transfer your ugali onto a serving plate and ensure it is not sticky in the bottom.

How to serve

Set your table with the necessary cutlery. This includes a knife and fork. The meal can be consumed with bare hands or using a fork.

Cut the ugali pieces with a knife in the pattern of your desire. The pieces could be shaped as pies where you cut across the centre in all directions or round pieces and transfer the pieces on plates.

Pair the ugali with your lightly cooked or steamed greens which could be Sukuma wiki prepared to your desired taste.

How to cook Sukuma wiki

Sukuma wiki makes a great combo with ugali if well cooked.

The meal is easy to make and takes between 3 to 7 minutes, depending on how tough the greens are.


  • Well thinly cut Sukuma
  • Oil
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Salt and spices (optional)


Heat onions with oil in a cooking pot over medium heat.

Let it cook until golden brown then add tomatoes.

Cook and stir until a thick sauce is formed then add your spices of choice.

Add the collard greens and let them simmer on low heat until limp, and tender.

Season with salt and serve immediately.

Ugali can be consumed with bare hands or using a fork. 
Ugali-Sukuma can be consumed with bare hands or using a fork.

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