How to make your man feel special on Valentine’s Day

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On Tue, 14 Feb, 2023 11:00 | 3 mins read
Valentines Day
Man unwrapping a gift. PHOTO/Pexels

Valentine's season is a special time to make our loved ones feel special through memorable experiences.

With the pressure of finding perfect ways to celebrate your man during this day, you may be wondering about the perfect ideas to make the day special for him.

Well, if you are among those searching for such tips, here is a curated list formulated from various research points on how you can make him go gaga on this day.

Prepare his favourite meal

As they say, 'the easy way to a man's heart is through the stomach', so take advantage and create an unforgettable experience with his favourite meal.

Woman cooking. PHOTO/Pexels

To spice things up, you could pair the meal with a set of his favourite dessert or drinks.

Plan a short trip

Organizing a short trip to an amazing destination depending on the kind of scenery your man likes is an excellent way of surprising him this Valentine's Day as this will make him feel valued owing to the effort you have put into making him feel special.

Couple viewing an itinerary. PHOTO/Pexels

There are a number of activities to choose from such as mountain climbing, hiking, and nature walk, among others depending on your budget.

The place doesn't necessarily have to be far from where you or he lives. In the midst of the fun, sneak in a secret gift of something he has wished to get or something that would melt his heart.

Plan a massage

Giving your man a massage is a nice way of making him feel valued and special.

To make the most of the plan, curate your space to set a massage parlour by using some scented candles, rose petals and slow jams to set the mood.

Candle lit spa-date. PHOTO/Pexels

Slowly massage his body, head and face depending on what pleases him.

Get creative

Depending on what your man likes, you may get creative and make him a homemade gift or even write a wonderful poem that will melt his heart.

Man unwrapping his gift. PHOTO/Pexels

To spice things up, you could add flowers for him to feel special.

Become a seductress

This is the perfect time to surprise him with sexy lingerie as you seduce him like never before.

To spice things up, you could include accessories he may like or even wrap yourself up as a gift ready for him.

Set up the mood with a few scented candles and nice slow music.