How does King Kaka spare his free time?

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On Tue, 15 Feb, 2022 12:28 | 2 mins read
Rapper King Kaka. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kennedy Ombima, better known by his stage name King Kaka, has had an interesting life. Initially living in obscurity, the Kenyan rapper met a member of the band, The Lonely Island, and everything changed. Now, Kaka has millions of social media views, including 1.2 million for his collaboration with Jorma Taccone.

Since then, the wordsmith has gone on to bigger and better things, building on the foundations laid by a fortunate meeting. We know he’s a busy, successful man, yet everyone needs downtime. King Kaka is no different, so what does he do to relieve stress? Here are a few activities that help him unwind.


Not everybody looks for ways to aid the less fortunate when they go viral. King Kaka is an example of someone who wants to give back to his community, continent, and those who don’t have the privileges he has enjoyed. To do this, he launched a business that provides clean drinking water to regions around the world. Called Majik Water, the business aims to bring H2O to families that experience water scarcity.

Water scarcity is when there is hardly any water available, healthy or unhealthy. Thanks to filters, dirty water can become drinkable, but even this isn’t possible when there is no source. By extracting the moisture out of the air, Majik Water can offer a sustainable alternative to Kenyans and anyone who can’t rely on rivers or wells. Nice work, Kaka.


Another of Kaka’s passions is gambling, which is something he’s enjoyed ever since he hit the big time in 2011. In true Kaka style, though, he’s used it as another revenue source to add to his empire. For example, the rapper has partnered with global betting partners, accepting positions as an ambassador. He’s particularly interested in the crypto betting niche.

As a result, he influences the type of games that casino developers release. Of course, Kaka simply uses his brand to promote the best slot games that players might enjoy. King Kaka's favorite slot games include everything from Savannah King to Safari Gold Megaways, with these offerings experiencing a boost in demand thanks to his links to Bitcasino and


When a man needs to let off steam, what’s the best avenue for him? Remember that money isn’t an issue. Yes, the answer is cars. The need for speed is something that most motorists understand as there’s nothing like getting behind the wheel of a beautiful vehicle. King Kaka agrees judging by the collection of cars in his garage on his Instagram page!

Whether you like his choice or not, you can’t argue that buying nice rides wouldn’t cross your mind if your bank balance suddenly improved overnight. Seeing as Kaka is a philanthropist who invests his wealth back into the community that raised him, it’s entirely reasonable that he spends his hard-earned cash on himself, as well.

The truth is that King Kaka doesn’t have much free time. However, when he does, you might find him using his money for good, spending it on his family, or using slot machines to relieve his stress levels.

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