6 clear hints he’s sorry he dumped you

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On Fri, 9 Sep, 2022 09:00 | 3 mins read
Cute couple walking as they hold hands. PHOTO/Pexels

Even if he ended things with you, your ex can still feel bad about it. Being dumped should not make you stop believing in love and getting reassured that your relationship could even be revived.

Maybe every time he spends time alone in his four walls at night, he thinks about you and wishes he could do something to bring you back.

You probably already know that most guys take great pride in their relationships and will never acknowledge that something you said or did damaged them.

As a result, they won't even acknowledge that they regret dumping you.

The following symptoms, sometimes known as 'dumper stages', indicate that a man regrets losing you and wants you back, so if you want to know what is really going on in their heart, look out for them.

He is still unmarried

Even though the two of you split up a long time ago, if your ex is still single, it may be an indication that he regrets leaving you.

A couple taking a stroll together. PHOTO/Pexels
A couple taking a stroll together. PHOTO/Pexels

He may have had numerous opportunities to date other women, but he only wants you, thus he will always be single.

The truth is that he still misses you and that he likely recognized that letting you leave was his biggest mistake ever.

He calls frequently

When a guy still has second thoughts about letting you go, he will act in this manner. That is how the male psyche functions when there is no contact.

He will definitely call you to tell you that you are such a rotten girl for forgetting about him in just two days if he sees you with another man who is only a friend of yours but he is unaware of this.

You should be aware that he still mourns for you and can't stop thinking about you. He can act in this way out of jealousy.

Happy couple taking a selfie. PHOTO/Pexels
Happy couple taking a selfie. PHOTO/Pexels

He tells your friends about you

Occasionally, a couple in a long-term relationship shares friends. Additionally, if your ex still wants you after the two of you break up, he will try to contact you through your friends.

He will discuss you and what is going on in your life with them. That is another indication that he regrets leaving you and is fervently seeking your return.

He surrounds you constantly

Your ex is constantly close by, even if you aren't sure how. He always appears where you are and strikes up a normal discussion with you as if nothing happened.

He's only trying to let you know that he's alright and that he wants you to come back to him.

You might be really optimistic that he will ask you to be his girlfriend once more if he also makes an unintentional effort to touch you.

You get the impression that he is remorseful

Guys need some time to comprehend the breakup with a girl before moving on.

Therefore, after they have calmed down, they understand that they reacted inappropriately and shouldn't have injured you in that way.

Couple cuddling on the couch. PHOTO/Pexels
Couple cuddling on the couch. PHOTO/Pexels

You can be sure that your ex regrets leaving you and is sincere about wanting you back if you notice that he gives you the puppy dog smile.

He is down all the time

Since you and your ex broke up, you haven't seen your ex smiling. He always just sits there and watches the floor while his companions converse.

He appears to be a man who has just lost the best thing in his life, and that loss is killing him.

You can be certain that he genuinely feels bad for the two of you and wants you back if you catch him in this act.