11 gift ideas for your loved ones this festive season

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 23 Dec, 2023 12:01 | 3 mins read
Gift photo used for illustration. PHOTO/Pexels
Gift photo used for illustration. PHOTO/Pexels

The festive season is here and you are probably planning your Christmas or New Year's shopping.

It can be a daunting task deciding on the perfect gifts for your loved ones, especially when it comes to adults who likely have everything they need or looking to fulfil a wish or provide a delightful surprise for the children in your life.

However, do not sweat it because we are here to help you put your best foot forward in the gifting department that Santa won't have anything on you.

Take notes and you will discover something they've been longing for or didn't realize they needed.

1. Culinary delights

Create lasting memories with your family and friends during the holiday season with delicious homemade meals.

Become the ultimate gift-giver by surprising Aunt Jane with high-quality cooking appliances and accessories.

Make your children's holiday memorable with special cooking sessions together. After all, those chapatis won't prepare themselves.

It's probably the best time to teach them the art of chicken stuffing and cooking mouthwatering Mandazis that Uncle John may have a hard time deciding on indulging in a glass of that local brew or savouring a delightful breakfast.

2. Personalised gifts

Make your girlfriend, boyfriend, children and other family members feel special by getting them personalised gifts that reflect their individuality.

Opt for items like engraved coffee mugs, custom jewellery, personalised diaries, watches, custom T-shirts, branded Christmas sweatshirts and anything that goes beyond the ordinary creating a bond with you when they see their face, and name on the gifts.

The value of the gift does not lie in its cost but in the sentiment behind it. Whether expensive or not they are sure to cherish a gift as a treasure.

3. DIY gifts

Something about a handmade bracelet, knitted sweater, crafted door matter, key holder and crafted cooking pots and coffee mugs. These are vessels of love that leave your eyes teary when presented.

When making DIY gifts, you normally think of something that best describes the receiver, then pour your love into crafting the gift. That shouldn't be hard.

It's time to make Pinterest your pal because it has a trove of ideas and you will surely come up with endless gifting ideas for your loved ones.

Embrace your imagination and let your creativity flow, and the title for the Gifter of the Year will go to you.

4. Gadgets

Who doesn't appreciate a good smartwatch, headphones, mobile phones and laptops?

If they've recently completed high school, it's a thoughtful gesture to invest in such gadgets, especially if they don't already have them.

5. Vacation/Staycation

Gifting your loved ones with a vacation or staycation can be a great way to escape reality during the holidays and create lasting memories.

If travelling isn't feasible, plan a staycation in or near your city. Explore local attractions, dine at new restaurants, or book a night at a nearby hotel.

Consider incorporating festive themes into the trip.

Attend local holiday events, visit decorated landmarks, or experience traditional celebrations in the destination.

6. Self-care package

Consider gifting your teenage daughters or sons self-care packages for the festive season. Opt for skincare sets that include moisturizers, sunscreens, and face masks.

To enhance their self-care experience, you could also treat them to spa and pedicure sessions at a nearby beauty salon.

This thoughtful gift not only provides them with a well-deserved self-care boost but also creates an opportunity for them to bond.

7. Books

Considering their best genres, interests and hobbies, gifting your loved ones with books, especially those who love reading, is a thoughtful way to express your love during the festive season.

Explore a wide range of genres; best sellers, limited editions or signed copies.

Consider those who may not like hard copies and get them audiobooks instead.

8. Fitness, wellness items

For workout and wellness enthusiasts, you can get them items like hiking boots and a backpack, and home workout gears like yoga mats, joggers, tights, and sports shoes.

Consider a blender, air fryer, or juicer to support their journey toward healthier eating.

For wellness, create a soothing experience with items like scented candles, a cosy blanket, and a mindfulness journal.

9. Clothes

In a typical African home, Christmas and New Year's new clothes are a must, especially for the youngins.

When getting them clothes, consider comfortable fabrics, know their preference, opt for timeless pieces, include accessories, include a gift receipt, consider the season and occasionally wrap them beautifully and presentably.

10. Cards, Board Games

Considering that it's the festive season, board and card games can be a way of entertainment and bringing your loved ones together.

When buying such gifts, consider age-appropriate games, group size and game complexity.

It will be safe to opt for Puzzles, Scrabble, Chess boards, Monopoly, Kingdomino and Dixit.

11. Art, craft items

Encourage your loved ones' creativity by buying them art and craft items like sketchbooks, paint, drawing pencils, art prints or posters, artbooks and magazines.'

You can go the extra mile and book them art classes or workshops.