Persuasive excuses Kenyans use to get out of social plans

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On Tue, 23 Aug, 2022 17:31 | 4 mins read
Friends gathered in a party. PHOTO/Pexels

Is there a single Kenyan out there that doesn't enjoy socializing with others? Well, most of us are always up for a good time because we are regarded as a nation that loves the life of the party. Any social plan is definitely a must-attend.

We were taking a 'break' just a few days ago when we did our civic duty by voting in the general elections of 2022. I'm sure you have a lot of activities planned for those few days, and some of you are probably looking forward to the inauguration so you can host a huge celebration.

Most of us don't want to get out of our pyjamas all day, despite the fact that a little name choma here and a bottle of Tusker there will have some of you sprinting to the nearest sherehe (party) event. Yes, we are real.

A couple enjoying a happy moment. PHOTO/Pexels
A couple enjoying a happy moment. PHOTO/Pexels

Sometimes you make plans with family and friends only to decide later that you don't feel like going. You think the couch and TV are simply too comfortable to leave.

No matter what the cause, you shouldn't feel awful about it. I got it. Each of us has experienced both sides of the excuse-giving process giving and receiving justifications for cancelling plans.

I've compiled a list of the most common justifications most of you give to your friends, family and coworkers to avoid fulfilling your obligations as a friend and staying in. 

Remember, however, it is okay to lie to change plans and as Sauti Sol said, do what makes you happy. If you struggle with cancelling plans, choose for yourself using these justifications for cancelling last-minute plans:


Lately, with the cold season kicking in, most people have been complaining of constant headaches and what a better way to escape plan right? And I know painkillers are the best option but we all know you do not want to attend that party.

Everyone is aware that people find time for the things they desire, and putting on makeup and dressing formally is not what you desire. This is why you should use this excellent justification. 

Have your best friend attest to the fact that you suffered from a migraine the night before.

 A lady preparing a table for a social function. PHOTO/Pexels
A lady preparing a table for a social function. PHOTO/Pexels

Never contact them again

Every day matters to you and it oughts to have an impact. Though we are known for being bad timekeepers, at any moment we can use this to our advantage. As a disinterested Kenyan, you will easily believe your friend had changed your arrangements because they never texted you again to confirm. That is the reason you were late or never showed up.

It’s about to rain

Sincerely, this is a popular justification for cancelling plans! Even when there isn't a cloud in the sky, you still anticipate rain. The weather forecast screenshot added to your text will complete the sentence. You now own one of the finest justifications for changing plans.

I am washing my hair

Oh, our African hair needs hours of preparation and wash, practically a whole day if you are doing it yourself.

This is also an ideal standard justification for cancelling arrangements, especially for females. I easily find myself using wash-day as a reason to cancel plans with friends or relatives. It's because I don't want people to see me without perfectly styled hair.

I'm not feeling it

When you can just be honest, why hunt for justifications to break plans? You don't need a get-together right now; all you need is a Netflix or YouTube day. Tell your friend straight up that this is the situation and that you need to reschedule for another time.

A family sharing drinks at a small gathering. PHOTO/Pexels
A family sharing drinks at a small gathering. PHOTO/Pexels

I am sick

Some people hunt for reasons to leave the house, while others try to find methods to change their plans so they may stay at home instead. This is one of the most plausible justifications for cancelling an engagement that will prevent you from rescheduling for the following day. If you're sick, you can't leave the house!

I am washing the laundry

I'm not making this up. I have to stay home because I'm still wearing my sweats and I can't hang out. I can't go out like this, and my laundry isn't finished either. A trustworthy friend would comprehend, and also shame on you for lying.

Something urgent came up

Informing people that you have a commitment that must be cancelled is one of the simplest methods to avoid making plans. It's not a lie; you should watch the new series that just premiered. 

It is good to note however that you should limit the times you use this excuse since it’s inconvenient to always cancel last-minute plans. Also, every plan cannot always be urgent!