5 Kenyan celebrities who have battled endometriosis

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On Tue, 21 May, 2024 13:31 | 3 mins read
Jahmby Koikai/PHOTO/(@jahmby koikai)/instagram

Being in the limelight requires a lot of courage and not many celebrities in Kenya are willing to disclose the ailments they are battling secretly.  

A handful of celebrities have boldly come out to speak about their battles with endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a life-threatening disease that causes pain in the pelvis due to the tissue similar to the lining of the uterus growing outside the uterus making it harder to get pregnant. The ailment can start at the first menstrual period and last until menopause.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the cause is unknown however raising awareness can help with early diagnosis and treatment which can slow the progression and long-term symptoms.

Below is the lost of female celebs who have battled endometriosis.

Jahmby Koikai

Media personality Jahmby Koikai has beaten all odds and come out to talk about her life-threatening battle with endometriosis in the process of creating awareness of the chronic illness.

The former radio host who has been vocal about endometriosis enlightened how the ailment affected her vital organs such as her lungs, heart, spine, and appendix due to late diagnosis.

Koikai went further to reveal that it took her 17 years to get a diagnosis for the life-threatening disease.

“We shed the lining of the uterus during our monthly periods, unfortunately, with Endometriosis that lining grows on other parts of the body, In my case that lining grew on my lungs, causing my lungs to collapse every month and countless surgeries,” Koikai confessed.

As part of her endo awareness, on Monday, 20, May 2024, the former radio host urged Ruto to save endometriosis victims as he continued with his US state visit.

Senjee Comedy

Digital content creator cum comedian Slyvia Savai alias Senjee Comedy is the latest Kenyan celebrity to open up on her battle with endometriosis.

Voicing her vulnerability, on April 25, April 2024, the content creator disclosed every month during menses her body paralysis on the right side causing some of her organs to fail.

“Every time I get my period I paralyze on the whole right side of my body and the pain is too much. Unfortunately, some of my organs have to go since they are not needed anymore,” she explained.

She further disclosed that she has to undergo two surgeries which are scheduled for June 2024 in Atlanta Georgia.

“I'm a little bit scared but mostly anxiety is doing a number on me... For those who've been following my journey since last year, it's been decided that I'll possibly undergo two surgeries scheduled in June that will take place in Atlanta Georgia,” she said.

Natalie Githinji

In 2023, radio presenter cum actress Natalie Githinji disclosed that she discovered an endo warrior way in 2016 after her period flow was overwhelmingly accomplished by painful cramps.

Natalie went ahead and shared that the illness has not only caused her physical pain but also heartbreak adding that she was dumped because of her illness since she barely walks during her monthly period.

Just like many endo warriors, Natalie explained during an interview that she found out about her ailment seven years later.

“I found out seven years later, I wish I had known about it sooner, i would have caught it sooner, “she said.

Corazon Kwamboka

Opening up on her tussles with endo disorder, social media influencer and lawyer Corazon Kwamboka urged women struggling with the ailment never to give up on motherhood since endometriosis is associated with infertility.

The mother of two during an interview disclosed that she was terrified after being diagnosed with endometriosis stage 4 in both her ovaries.

Comedian Zulekha

Former Churchill show comedian Zulekha’s battle came to the limelight back in 2019 after the comic went public to appeal for funds to undergo endometriosis surgery.

Zuleka who is still battling the ailment has been on the frontline creating awareness about endometriosis through her social media pages.

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