6 common new year resolutions set by Kenyans

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On Mon, 23 Jan, 2023 06:00 | 3 mins read
A representative photo.
A representative photo.

The end of each year not only allows us to reflect, but it also allows us to look ahead, focus on self-care, and plan for the future. So, no new year is complete without a couple of resolutions.

Every year, most Kenyans make resolutions and goals that they hope to accomplish, whether they are financial goals, career ambitions, or any other personal goals.

Resolutions however have a bad reputation for being forgotten just a few weeks into the new year, or being associated with unrealistic promises that only make life more difficult.

According to a report by Forbes (2023), 80% of New Year's resolutions fail, with only 20% of people achieving their goals.

Although most new year resolutions fail early into the year, they are basically personal motivations to help one to be better and do better than the previous year.

Furthermore, it is always good to have a plan for the year because failing to plan is planning to fail.

In this article we take a look at some of resolutions Kenyans are likely to have in their list.


This is probably the most common resolution among Kenyans after the December spending spree.

Considering the tough economic times Kenyans are currently experiencing, most people are left with no option but the urge to save a small portion of their earnings in a bank account, Sacco, or a home bank if they cope with the different things that might strike in the year.

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Because most Kenyans are low-average earners, raising funds to do major projects at ago at times is challenging so they prefer to start saving money at the start of the year to realize their projects.

Registering for gym

You can be sure that most Kenyans have already started passing by their hood gyms to inquire on the charges. Again, not an easy resolution to keep for obvious reasons.

A bodybuilder during a workout in the gym. PHOTO/Pexels

Gym business is always booming at the beginning of the year as most Kenyans rush to the register in a bid to cut some weight and keep fit. Some also go to the gym for other activities, such as flexing, perfect abs ( for men), and women wanting to achieve that figure.

The number quickly dwindles down as people give up on getting fit early in the year.

Losing weight

After merry making during the festive season, comes the new year when most people start to feel uncomfortable with the extra weight gained during the “kujiachilia” period.

They start to see the need to watch their body weight throughout the year. The only problem is that it is never a walk in the park, as many people give up as soon as they start.

weight loss

For the few who remain discipline throughout the year, they forget again in the next festive season.

 Eating healthy

The chances of this urge missing in Kenyans' new year resolutions are very minimal.

Healthy high-calorie foods. PHOTO/(@Nutritionrealm)

Eating right is mostly about keeping track of one's health and maintaining a healthy body. However, only a few people adhere to maintaining a healthy diet.

Stop drinking alcohol

This is another new year resolution that is likely to appear on the list of a section of Kenyans.

However, quitting drinking isn’t easy especially if you've been misusing alcohol for years and as a result, most people end up abandoning this resolution as soon as they start.


Dropping “fake friends”

If you are that person who go through your friends’ social media statuses, then you have somehow come across this resolution.

For one reason or another, some Kenyans have repeatedly made it a resolution at the beginning of the year to avoid friends who they think are not helpful.

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