PHOTOS: 5 easy ways to make cheap bedsitter look like presidential suite

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On Tue, 18 Oct, 2022 08:33 | 3 mins read
Bedsitters. PHOTO/Pinterest

Bedsitters have gained popularity in the Kenyan real estate industry thanks to its high demand and availability and affordability.

Their unique designs that come in various arrangements have attracted several Kenyans, especially college students who have the largest demand.

Their multifunctional nature i.e a bathroom, kitchen and living room all confined in one setting makes them preferable for most tenants, with this it may sometimes become a daunting task to decorate and arrange it.

So how can one decorate their bedsitter?

Colourful rags

Colourful rags instantly transform a space from a dab to a fab. Adding a colourful rag adds a touch of cosy, and elegance to a room.

Colorful rag under a bed. PHOTO/Pinterest

The rags do not have to be costly as one could opt for second-hand rags or even DIY from scratch using yarn and old clothing.

Adding plants to a space transforms the space into a beautiful homely space irrespective of whether they are live plants or artificial plants.

For a small space such as a bedsitter, one could opt for plants such as succulents on the bathroom sink or kitchen counter.

Plants arrangement. PHOTO/(@Smartgardens)Pinterest

Similarly one could place a plant of their choice next to their bed to add a touch of elegance and class.

Incorporating a great lighting system will definitely transform your home by making it look bigger and more spacious.

Outdoor lighting on a bedsitter. PHOTO/Pinterest

At the same time, having good lighting and ventilation illuminates the space and gives it life.

How you organise your furniture plays a key role in shaping your room.

For a bedsitter, one needs to be minimalistic when organising furniture to avoid making the room look messy and disorganised.

Furniture arrangement on a bedsitter. PHOTO/Pinterest

You could opt for furniture that serves multiple purposes to avoid having too much furniture laying all over your place

Coloured lights
To revamp the look of your bedsitter you could experiment with coloured lights to make the space more attractive.

Strip LED lights decoration. PHOTO/Pinterest

For much better lights you could start with the LED lights strips to brighten up the space for a much better look.

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