3 top celebrities who have opened up about miscarriages

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Celebrities who have opened up about miscarriages
Nadia Mukami and her baby daddy Arrow Bwoy. PHOTO/Nadia Mukami (@nadia_mukami)/Instagram.

We often have terrible experiences that we try to keep hidden from the rest of the world. Celebrities have characterized miscarriages as horrible ordeals in interviews.

The more you talk about something, the easier it gets to cope with it, as the saying goes. Even though studies reveal that the emotional weight of miscarriage is a severe burden, couples have traditionally kept that loss a secret from many friends and loved ones.

Here are a few celebs who are mothers but have experienced miscarriages in the past.

Size 8

Size 8. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Size 8 was rumoured to be pregnant in 2018. She didn't confirm it, though. She subsequently stated that she had lost the baby in an Instagram post. In 2021 again, she lost another baby and documented her journey in a YouTube video.

“Rumors were in many blogs that I was pregnant but I never did really confirm it because it was a battle all the way so I just wanted to go with the fight privately. But God decided the best lane for me and I lost the pregnancy juzi. To be honest I’ve cried and asked God so many questions. I have given my husband stress. He is trying to make me be okay,” she wrote.

Size 8 is now a loving mother of two children. Despite the trauma, she has maintained a positive attitude and cared for her two children.

Nana Owiti

Nana Owiti. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Nana is the wife of rapper King Kaka. She revealed that she miscarried in 2014 while speaking during a YouTube interview in 2020. She is now the mother of two children. Gweth and Iroma.

Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami. PHOTO/Courtesy.

If it hadn't been for Jalangó's announcement on his morning radio show, no one would have known Nadia was pregnant.

Nadia had lost her pregnancy and it was taking its toll on her, something Jalangó was unaware of. Before the pair came out to tell that Nadia had lost the baby early, his disclosure caused some conflict between him and Nadia's boyfriend, Arrow boy.

Jalangó later apologized, and the two are now on good terms, according to Arrow boy.

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