10 oldest and most enduring companies in Kenya

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Sameer Group PLC Building. PHOTO/Print
Sameer Group PLC Building. PHOTO/Print

Kenya has a rich history of long-standing businesses that have stood the test of time. These companies have survived and thrived, contributing significantly to the nation’s economy. Here are some of the oldest local-run companies in Kenya:

1. Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)

Established in 1896 under the National Bank of India (NBI), KCB has evolved into a regional financial powerhouse. Over the years, it expanded to several East African countries, becoming KCB Bank Group in 2015.

2. Kaluworks Limited

Founded in 1929, Kaluworks started as a cookware manufacturer and transitioned to aluminium production in 1988. It is a key player in the aluminium sector, known for producing high-quality products.

3. Jubilee Insurance Company

Jubilee Holdings, owned by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development , has been operating since 1937, making it the oldest insurance company in the region. It has a significant presence in East Africa and is listed on various stock exchanges.

4. Kenya Breweries Limited

Established in 1922, Kenya Breweries is renowned for its popular brands like Tusker, White Cap, and Pilsner. It has expanded its portfolio to include non-alcoholic beverages and spirits and now operates as East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL).

5. Bamburi Cement

Founded in 1951, Bamburi Cement is one of the country’s oldest and most profitable manufacturers. It has a substantial market presence and contributes to the construction and infrastructure development in Kenya and the region.

6. Sameer Group

Originating in 1969 as Firestone East Africa Limited, Sameer Africa PLC is involved in real estate, tire sales, and investment in allied products. It operates in multiple East African countries, contributing significantly to the local economy.

7. Pollmans Tours & Safaris

Established in 1950 by Karl Pollman, this tour company is an industry veteran, offering a wide range of services and garnering numerous awards for its excellence in the field.

8. DTB Bank

Founded in 1946, Diamond Trust Bank Group is a leading regional bank with branches in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi. It is affiliated with the Aga Khan Development Network and has multiple subsidiaries in the region.

9. Davis & Shirtliff

Founded in 1946, the Davis & Shirtliff Group is a prominent supplier of water-related equipment in East Africa. It operates in various sectors and has expanded its reach through a network of branches and subsidiaries.

10. Kensalt Limited

Established in 1975
by Patel Mansukh Shantilal, Kensalt is a leading supplier of high-quality refined table salt in East Africa. It is a significant producer and contributor to the region’s salt production.

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