Zari responds to queries about why her husband is not happy in their marriage

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Zari responds to queries about why her husband is not happy in their marriage
Zari and Shakib partying in the club. Photos/Instagram (@zarithebosslady)

Zari Hassan faced off with trolls after posting photos of her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya and her partying in a club.

Hawk-eyed netizens noticed that Shakib was mostly gloomy in the photos Zari shared on social media and they sought to find out why.

Some people claimed that Shakib was unhappy because Zari coerces him to do things he doesn't want but has to comply since 'amekaliwa chapati'.

"But your husband is not happy why?" Nelson Bryson asked Zari.

To which she responded; "He doesn't laugh unnecessarily if you don't see photos where he is laughing then try again."

"Mbona kanuna (Why has he frowned) Hassan Juma asked Zari.

"Acheki cheki ki chizi (he doesn't laugh unnecessarily like a fool)," Zari replied.

"It's like Shakib was edited into the picture," Makati commented.

Zari sarcastically replied; "He was? Happy now?"

Age difference

Zari also took on age-shamers who trolled her after she posted the photos. The 42-year-old mother of five proved she would not be intimidated for marrying the 30-year-old.

Speaking during an interview with Galaxy FM in December 2022, Zari, who is 12 years older than Shakib, dismissed critics castigating her over the age gap.

She stressed that Shakib was not a child the way critics had always portrayed it.

"You can't tell me 42 and 30… Shakib is not a child. He is 30. For me honestly speaking he is not a child. He's been above 18 a long time ago," Zari said.

Zari married her sweetheart Shakib in a private ceremony in April 2023.

The two lovebirds got married in a low-key very simple Muslim wedding that was held in a house.

Videos showed Zari and Shakib exchanging vows while kneeling on the floor as they were surrounded by only a handful of people.

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