Zari claps back at troll who claimed she’s leaving fake life

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On Sat, 16 Oct, 2021 12:31 | 2 mins read
Uganda businesswoman Zari Hassan. PHOTO/COURTESY

Zari Hassan has hit back at a troll who claimed that she likes showing off other people’s property on social media with the pretense that they are hers.

This comes after the Ugandan businesswoman posted a photo of her standing next to a Hummer double cabin track on her Instagram page.

Reacting to the photo, the troll identified as Paschal Kamata claimed that the mother of five liked posing for a photo next to other people’s vehicles.

Zari standing next to a Hammer double cabin truck. PHOTO/COURTESY

Unapenda kupigia picha magari ya watu (you like taking photos next to other people’s vehicles)” Kamata commented.

Zari wasted no minute to respond to the follower who wanted to take her down. The mother of five told Kamata to pray to God to gift him the ability to start viewing other people’s lives in a positive way.

“@paschal_kamata touch your heart and ask God to bless you too so that you can stop seeing people’s lives in a bad way,” she said.

Zari’s reply to the follower has elicited various comments on her timeline with any of her followers commending for the “wise reply”. Others also took the opportunity to attack Kamata for trying to shame the businesswoman.

Below are some of the reactions Zari’s reply has attracted:

kngdarlius: @zarithebosslady I don’t know how many times I should like this reply. You gave him the best reply he deserves in a good currency.

sallymuthoka: @zarithebosslady I love your wisdom that is why you never lack.

tullybm2177: @paschal_kamata na wewe kapige picha kwenye magari ya watu.

aneno45: @zarithebosslady this one must be new on these streets otherwise he’d know it’s actually your car in your front yard at your home in Kampala. Enjoy home.

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