Yvonne’s mom takes journalist to single room in Ndumberi where she says KRG impregnated her

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On Sat, 10 Jun, 2023 17:24 | 2 mins read
Yvonne's mom takes journalist to single room in Ndumberi where she says KRG impregnated her
Yvonne's mother at the single room house in Ndumberi. Inset: KRG the Don. Photos/Screengrab.

Susan Kinyanjui decided to take the cameras to the house where she claims she conceived her daughter Yvonne after she was embroiled in a heated argument with KRG during their last meeting.

KRG in his joint interview with Susan vehemently denied that he even knew Yvonne's mother while she insisted that he impregnated her when he was still living in Ndumberi, Kiambu county.

Susan ultimately decided to take YouTuber Nicholas Kioko to the single-room apartment in Ndumberi where she claims KRG used to stay and where he allegedly knocked her up.

"Nilipata ball ya Yvonne nkiwa kwa hii nyumba," Susan said while pointing to the house where she claims her daughter was conceived.

Susan stressed that she got pregnant in 2002 and gave birth in 2003, adding that KRG moved out of the plot in 2004 after she pursued him demanding that he takes care of Yvonne.

Hii ploti hapa ndo nilipata mimba ya Yvonne 2002 alafu 2003 nkapata mtoi. Sasa after kuletana juu 2004 ndo akahama sasa sijui penye alienda,” Susan said.

Neighbour's statement

A neighbour speaking to Kioko positively identified KRG as the tenant that Susan claims impregnated her while living in the single-room apartment.

"Huyo mzee namjua alikua anaitwa 'Jojes' na alikua anaishi hapo kwa Runga. Ilikua 2002 na alikaa hapo for two years and then akahama hapo 2004," the neighbour said.

The neighbour added that he used to see KRG and Susan together but he couldn't ascertain for sure if they were dating or not.

"Nlikua nawaona tu sijui kama walikua urafiki, I don't know. Lakini nilikua nawaona," the neighbour said.


Susan insisted that the puzzle of her daughter's paternity could only be solved by a DNA test as she was tired of trying to use other means to prove that KRG is her daughter's biological father.

"Sasa staki tupelekani hivi hivi, nataka DNA. Ehh nataka DNA hakuna kitu ingine nataka. DNA ndo msema ukweli," Susan said.

Her statement comes as KRG continues to play delay tactics on the issue of taking the paternity test.

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