Your cousin is my girlfriend and I have impregnated her – Mtumba man tells Andrew Kibe

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On Fri, 14 Jan, 2022 12:41 | < 1 min read
Maya Dreamchaser a Kisumu-based clothes seller whose video of him hawking second-hand clothes went viral.PHOTO/COURTESY

Mayau Dreamchaser alias Mtumba man has responded to remarks by former radio presenter Andrew Kibe who said that he (Mtumba man) is gay.

The cross-dressing man disclosed that he is still bitter with Kibe for the remarks he made against him.

Speaking in an interview on YouTube, Mayau hit back at Kibe claiming that he is the boyfriend to Kibe's cousin.

"Unaniita gay na cousin yako ni dem yangu, na cousin yako ako na mimba yangu, kwani hii mimba nilipuliza?" Mayau paused.

Mtumba man further asked Kibe to accept him as a relative after the revelation that he is expecting a child with Kibe's cousin.

"Yeye sasa akuwe ready. We are relatives for now. Ata aende wapi, ata apande ndege arudi Kenya, yeye ni anko wa mtoto wangu," he said.

On Thursday, September 16, 2021 radio presenter Felix Oduor aka Jalang'o interviewed Mayau, a Kisumu-based clothes seller whose video of him hawking second-hand clothes went viral.

Two days after the interview, Kibe shared a video criticizing Jalang'o for giving airtime to Mayau who chose to dress like a woman.

Jalas wacha ushenzi, whoever is producing the show for you anakutupisha mbaya,” the self-confessed homophobic presenter of rogue radio said before adding, “please stop being lambistic… ata kama ni kutafuta watu wanatrend, please stop!

In response, Jalango defended the viral Mtumba guy saying that all Mayau was trying to do is earn an honest living.

Surely, mtumba guy amefanya nini? Guy just found a way to hustle and put food on his table, did you watch the whole story ama you watched the first few minutes and pressed next?” Jalang'o paused.