Nairofey’s hubby Yeforian reacts to Shorn Arwa for criticizing their relationship

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On Thu, 21 Sep, 2023 16:20 | 2 mins read
Kenyan YouTube couple Nairofey and Yeforian onlooking Kenyan content creator Shorn Arwa. PHOTO/Yeforian &Shorn Arwa(@yeforian & @shornarwa_back_up)/Instagram
Kenyan YouTube couple Nairofey and Yeforian onlooking Kenyan content creator Shorn Arwa. PHOTO/Yeforian &Shorn Arwa(@yeforian & @shornarwa_back_up)/Instagram

Lifestyle content creator Duncan alias Yeforian has responded to comments made by UK-based content creator Shorn Arwa regarding his reconciliation with his wife, Nairofey.

In a post on Instagram account, Yeforian appeared unfazed by Shorn Arwa's perspective on his relationship with Nairofey.

"What a beautiful nimelishwa na bibi btw? Let the dogs keep barking, the caravan goes on!" He wrote.

Nairofey chimed in on the post, writing, "Caption has it,"

Shorn Arwa: he is back to finally finish her

These responses came in the wake of Shorn Arwa's recent interview with Mungai Eve, during which she openly commented on her best friend Nairofey's decision to reunite with Yeforian following their highly publicized breakup.

Shorn Arwa clarified her stance, emphasizing that her friendship with Nairofey remained intact despite public speculation.

She expressed her discomfort with Yeforian, citing the pain he had caused her friend.

"I hope this comes out in the most respectable way possible... Nairofey is my friend, the husband is not my friend. Because when you hurt my friend, you stop being my friend, you know. I'm not the biggest supporter of his," she asserted.

Shorn Arwa went on to voice her apprehension about Yeforian's intentions.

"Up till this day, I still believe he is back to finally finish her. That is what I'm going to say," she remarked.

Addressing the criticism she has faced for allowing her friend to reconcile with her ex-husband, Shorn Arwa asserted that Nairofey and Yeforian are both adults capable of making their own decisions.

She defended their right to announce their reunion publicly and reminded everyone that reconciliations are not uncommon in relationships.

Shorn Arwa acknowledged the complexity of relationships, admitting that outsiders cannot fully comprehend the dynamics at play.

She even gave Yeforian the benefit of the doubt, suggesting that he might have genuinely changed and was committed to being a better partner this time around.

"Who are we to judge them? Maybe they are working on their differences right now and maybe we am wrong. Maybe this time round he has come to uplift her... I might be wrong by the way and he has come to make her life better. But as a friend who saw her sad and crying and was there for her, it is hard for me," she explained.

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