Yeforian denies getting back with ex-wife Nairofey

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On Tue, 20 Jun, 2023 18:06 | 3 mins read
YouTuber Yeforian onlooking ex-wife Nairofey. PHOTO/ (@yeforian &nairofey_back_up) Instagram
YouTuber Yeforian onlooking ex-wife Nairofey. PHOTO/ (@yeforian &nairofey_back_up) Instagram

Nairofey's ex-husband, YouTuber Yeforian, has finally addressed the on-air speculations that they might have gotten back together after their much publicized acrimonious break-up in January.

Taking to his Insta stories, the content creator has refuted the rumors saying he has not been in Kenya for a while now.

"So many theories have been peddled of me seen in Kenya. It's porojo, I've not been in Kenya for the longest time," he wrote in part.

He also stated that he and Nairofey are not enemies, and that her car is proof that things aren't exactly tense between them. He stated that the car is a symbol of their efforts to restore peace amongst them.

"Nairofey &I aren't enemies and her car is a testament to rigorous but fruitful efforts towards peace and restoration," he stated.

Yeforian, Nairofey relationship

Nairofey and Yeforian first met on Facebook, where they became friends. Duncan then informed her that he would be travelling to Kenya for his birthday celebration.

Nairofey was blown away. Duncan had told her he worked for the UN and would help her find work. He even placed her into a one-bedroom apartment for which he paid rent. They started communicating more actively after that.

"For me, we were purely friends, he wasn't my type and he too wasn't thinking of me that way," she said in the past.

YouTuber Duncan Macharia/ Yeforian. PHOTO/(@yeforian) Instagram
YouTuber Duncan Macharia/ Yeforian. PHOTO/(@yeforian) Instagram

He visited Kenya in 2019 when they met.

" He was celebrating his 30th birthday and I had just turned 21 a few months ago," she noted.

In a previous interview, she stated that once they became exclusive, he encouraged her to quit her prior position and promised her a job with the UN.

The two married in August 2022, a day after Nairofey's 24th birthday, in a small wedding attended by less than five people, and she announced her intention to relocate to Russia to live with her husband, although this did not occur.

Yeforian, Nairofey nasty breakup

Nairofey and Yeforian split up earlier this year, with both exchanging accusations and vitriol on social media.

Nairofey said that her estranged spouse hacked her Gmail account and took over her YouTube account. She also alleged he lied about his profession and compelled her to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Yeforian, on the other hand, accused Nairofey of cheating on him with many partners, including women.

The two split up, with Yeforian launching his own YouTube channel and Nairofey rebranding herself.

Nairofey stated that she had made mistakes in the past, such as pretending Yeforian had given her expensive gifts to stroke his ego.

"The dumbest thing I ever did was buy myself things and pose as if he bought them to protect his ego," she claimed.

The couple's breakup earlier this year entertained Nairofey's admirers, but Nairofey appears to have moved on and is focusing on her personal growth and happiness.

Back to ex?

Rumours about Nairofey and Yeforian reuniting began to circulate on the internet after eagle-eyed netizens observed a few noticeable changes in Nairofey's social media posts.

Nairofey slammed the claims and declared that she will never return to her ex-husband.

On her Instagram stories, she wrote, "Kindly msinifukuzie my man with your propagandas! Hawa miss know it all, mmekosa adabu sana! (You are all very shameless!)"

Nairofey was staying in Dubai for two weeks, which justified the on-air claims because her ex-husband lives there.

Fans and netizens are still not convinced, as they continue to flood her comment section, asking her about her posts that appear to indicate the two are back together.

Shorn Arwa, her best friend had already told Nairofey in a YouTube video that if she reunited with Yeforian, their friendship would be destroyed.

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