Women, these are the type of men you should never marry – Reverend Natasha

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On Sat, 13 Jul, 2019 13:15 | 3 mins read
Reverend Lucy Natasha on Friday, July 12, advised women against marrying perennially unfaithful men. [PHOTO | K24]
Reverend Lucy Natasha on Friday, July 12, advised women against marrying perennially unfaithful men. [PHOTO | K24]
Reverend Lucy Natasha on Friday, July 12, advised women against marrying perennially unfaithful men. [PHOTO | K24]

Flashy city preacher, Reverend Lucy Natasha, of the Prophetic Latter Glory Ministry International has advised women against marrying men who perennially cheat and are not born-again.

Natasha gave her advice on K24 show Up-close with Betty on Friday, July 12.

“The first type of man you should never marry is the Solomon man. This man is polygamous in nature; he is a womanizer; he does not understand boundaries,” said Reverend Lucy Natasha.

“Even if the man is your BMW – the black man with wisdom –, if he is not saved, and he is not born-again, he is not right for you,” said the preacher.

-Real queen Vs. Slay queen-

Reverend Natasha also extended her advice to men – on why they [men] should settle with a “real queen” and not a “slay queen”.

The preacher highlighted what she terms as four key differences between a “real queen” and a “slay queen”.

“A real queen wants to know what drives the man, but a slay queen wants to know what a man drives,” said Lucy Natasha.

“A slay queen wants to know where you live, but a real queen wants to know what lives in the man.

“A slay queen is interested in the size of your television, but a real queen wants to know the size of your vision.

“A slay queen is interested in your biceps, but a real queen wants to know your concepts; she wants to know: ‘Can your vision match my dream’?” said Lucy Natasha.


-Sonko connection-

The reverend also opened up on 2015 viral claims that she dated Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Pictures of Sonko and Natasha hit the internet in December, 2015, when the preacher went to visit the then-Nairobi Senator at his office.

Rumours that the two were dating swirled on social media, prompting Sonko to come out to deny the allegations.

And on Friday, July 12, Lucy Natasha also rubbished the claims, saying she “has never dated Governor Sonko”.

Natasha said: “The pictures that I took with the current Nairobi Governor, while he was a senator, are professional pictures. People sometimes will read into things the way they want to, but in actual fact, the governor is very God-fearing and my connection with him is very spiritual.

“He is somebody I have prayed with several times. And, of course, I have never dated Governor Mike Sonko. I do not even know where this story came from,” added the preacher.

“Even from his side, he is a very respectful man; a family man… So, these [relationship claims] are just fabrications.  Being in the spotlight, exposes you to fault-finding,” said Lucy Natasha.

-Single and searching-

In Part One of Natasha’s interview aired on K24 last week, the preacher revealed she is currently single after her former relationship “failed to work out”.

“Currently, I am single, trying to find the right person,” Lucy Natasha told the host, Betty Kyallo.

“I was in a relationship that did not work out. At times, it takes a long time to get the ideal person. However, what I know is that there is somebody for everyone,” said Lucy Natasha.

“I am open to the idea of settling down and starting a family. I really desire to get married and get the right man. I do not want a prayer point — a man who I would keep on asking God to change for the better. I want a prayer partner; one who would pray with me,” said the Reverend.

-‘Mr Right’ qualities-

The preacher went further to reveal the qualities of the man she desires.

“He has to be born again; somebody who fears and honours God. Besides that, compatibility between us has to be there; there has to be that attraction and chemistry between us; we have to share common goals, common values and a common vision,” revealed Lucy Natasha.

“Currently, I have not gotten that person because God allows one to go through the different seasons in life,” she said, adding that upon getting the right man, she would love to have two kids.