From ‘salivating’ for Omanyala to revealing qualities she is looking for in a husband – 5 times Winnie Odinga has drawn attention in 2022

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On Sun, 7 Aug, 2022 16:34 | 3 mins read

Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s lastborn daughter Winnie Odinga has enjoyed the limelight over the campaign period and made headlines on several occasions.

Here are five instances Winnie Odinga hit the streamers.

'Salivating' on Omanyala

Winnie Odinga on Friday, August 5 made a tweet with an impression of desiring gold medalist Ferdinand Omanyala on her official account sending followers into a frenzy.

Winnie inquired if the fastest man in Africa was married after he won a gold medal at the 2022 Commonwealth games in Birmingham.

"Omanyala ako single? (Is Omanyala Single?) Asking for a friend," Winnie asked.

Qualities in a husband

The 32-year-old and personal assistant of Raila Odinga listed a number of qualities she is looking for in a husband.

Winnie said this in a radio interview listing the following attributes;

“You got to be taller than me. I am 5’10… you have to be dark and like slim. He has to come with a degree,” according to Winnie.

The 32-year-old added that she is also looking for someone trustworthy, who can communicate.

“I look for trust, ability to communicate, have a discussion, and sought of a platform I can bounce off all the work that I do,” she added.

Winnie on E-Sir

Winnie Odinga shocked many when she opened up about going to the same prestigious school as the late legendary rapper Issah Mmari Wangui alias E-Sir.

Speaking during an interview with Mwafreeka Mwaf on his YouTube podcast, Winnie revealed she went to Brookhouse school for her secondary education after studying at Rusinga school in primary.

Raila's daughter said that E-Sir was the brightest student at Brookhouse school. She disclosed that she joined the prestigious school when the rapper had already left but his achievements were all over the walls at the institution.

Winnie Odinga.
Winnie Odinga during a past interview on a radio station.

"You know E-Sir was in Brookhouse school and he was like the sharpest guy in the school. He was older than me and I think I joined the year he left. But when you reach there as in the presence E-Sir was there every photo they used to have awards of the best student in what and not just ati music or whatever like best in Maths, best in sciences you find E-Sir there," she said.

Mourning late brother Fidel Odinga

Winnie Odinga opened up for the first time on memories of losing her elder brother Fidel Odinga, who died in 2015 this year.

Sharing her story on the 'Iko Nini' podcast, Winnie said Fidel’s sudden death was not - and has not been - easy to overcome.

In her office, Winnie has a picture of Fidel on the wall and she says she misses her elder brother.

“You do not get over it, it is just something you learn to live with. There are tough times…when some people are playing with me. And I am just like ‘if my brother was here you would be done. But it is a difficult thing losing a sibling,” Winnie said.

Adding that some days she is OK, some days it makes her sad or she might just start crying.

“Grief process is different for everybody. The most important thing is to grieve, don’t act like it is not there, the only way out is going through it,” she said.

'Rap battle' with Femi One

Winnie was speaking in an interview when she revealed she is down for a face-off with the industry's finest Femi One.

“I challenge her to a rap off, I’ll do a cypher with her…I’ll wash her a**,” she said before bursting into laughter.

Winnie Odinga with Femi One. 
Winnie Odinga with Femi One.