Willy Paul threatens to sue Miss P for alleged defamation amidst sexual assault claims

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 5 Sep, 2021 22:23 | 2 mins read
Willy Paul and Miss P signed with his record label-Saldido. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Singer Wilson Ouma Opondo alias Willy Paul has reportedly taken legal action on Elvira Wambui Maina alias Miss P who claimed he forced her to have repeated unprotected sex with him.

Miss P on Tuesday, August 31 while speaking in an interview on Youtube said Willy Paul sexually assaulted her several times as soon as she started her studio sessions with him.

“He forced me to have sex with him, not once not twice. I had to tell my mum because I had to get medical attention. I had to seek help and my mum helped me Alhamdulillah, otherwise at this very moment ningekua nimesha jifungua or I would be nine months pregnant,” she stated.

Following her utterances, Miss P is facing a lawsuit on defamatory claims with Willy Paul alleging that her sentiments were false, damaging and malicious.

He further claims that Miss P is acting out of anger after realizing Willy Paul couldn't reciprocate her love for him.

"I'd like to let everyone know that this is a made-up story. This is a lady who's deeply in love with me and is acting out of anger, we had our moments... but when she realised that I couldn't give back the same love she made up a story that has really done a lot of damage to my good and clean brand. My lawyers are working on the case and very soon the truth will come out," he wrote.

Willy Paul has been in a spin tale since the allegations with netizens debating seriously.

This comes shortly after Miss P lost her Instagram page with people claiming it was an action enforced by Willy Paul.

That said, Willy Paul is yet to release his highly publicized new album and he is known for being notorious for clout chasing.

With these new back and forth accusations, he could be maximizing his chances to drop his new album but again how low can he go anyway.

While Willy Paul is looking to the future of his music career, he could be calculating his moves due to his past actions which should play out in his favour.

Whether or not he is working within his rights or being overboard only time will tell.

In Kenya right now, the entertainment and showbiz industry thrive over the controversy and associates are down to do whatever it takes for clout chasing.

This is mainly to trigger engagement metrics before releasing a new project and more likely reusing it to inflate these engagements afterwards.