Willy Paul mocks Ringtone after blogger Robert Alai hit him using ‘rungu’

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 24 Jul, 2021 16:02 | < 1 min read
Ringtone-Alai drama in Kilimani. PHOTO: Courtesy

Singer Willy Paul has reacted to fellow musician Ringtone Apoko and blogger Robert Alai’s recent road rage in Kilimani, Nairobi.

In a video published on his Instagram page, the singer called out Alai for assaulting the singer, however, mocking Ringtone in equal measure accusing him of being ‘mouthy’.

“Nani amepiga Ringtone rungu bana. Anyway, sio poa najua haunipendi na sikupendi but kitu umepitia maze. Umepachikwa rungu, umepigwa rungu wa komeo. Umama! Umepigwa rungu, kula dawa ya mdomo yako (Who hit Ringtone with a rungu? It is not good, I know we don’t like each other but what you have gone through… You have been hit with a rungu. That’s what you get for being mouthy),” Willy Paul said.

Alai was on Friday, July 23 arrested after reportedly hitting Ringtone with a rungu after a minor road accident that escalated to a bitter altercation.

According to videos widely circulated on social media, the singer was seen standing on top of his car while shouting at Alai who was holding a rungu.

It is alleged that the blogger rammed into Ringtone’s car leading to a confrontation.

Ringtone later issued a statement expressing gratitude to his fans and doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital who attended to him.

He said he had just left the hospital where he underwent a P3 examination.

“I want to thank all Kenyans who have Prayed for me after the assault and attack. I want to also thank the doctors of Kenyatta National Hospital for working on me. I just want to ask my fans to continue to pray for me,” he said.

The singer could be seen with bandage on a section of his arm and face.