Willy Paul leaves fans guessing after remark on Gengetone

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 17 Aug, 2021 23:33 | 2 mins read
Willy Paul leaves fans guessing after remark on Gengetone.

Singer Willy Paul who's real name is Wilson Abubakar has launched new beef with Genge tone artists leaving fans speculating his intentions.

Willy who appears to poke these artists on Tuesday took to social media and in an Instagram page he wrote; "RIP Gengetone, finally"

He followed up with another post as if to question fans reactions and the argument takes a turn when he said they should be happy.

"Why are you guys upset after I said R.I.P Gengetone, surely you are supposed to be happy." he quips.

While some fans agreed in the comments, most assumed, Willy Paul could just be pulling a publicity stunt before releasing new music based on his previous internet rant with Size 8.

Although fans miss identifying clout chasing most of the time, every so often, we see these artists faking beef only to act as if to put aside their differences and come together to drop a new project.

Before releasing his new song last month, Willy Paul faked a beef with Size 8 in a bitter social media back and forth which also involved Size 8′ husband DJ Mo.

A few days later it turns out the three successfully duped their fans and released a new song thereafter.

This one was one of the many stunts that modern-day artists engage in to attract clout before they finally release their projects, anticipating that the attention they got before the release will translate to massive YouTube views and endless chatter.

Success is how you define it and clearly, in this line of work, it entails putting in the effort to maintain relevance since associates thrive over the controversy.

Willy Paul previously worked with Gengetone artists including Reckless in their song 'Aaaih' which was released in December 2020.

While most Kenyans remain opposed to the new genre, some youths still continue to support it and it is evident from the numbers these songs garner on music selling platforms.