Willy Paul laughs at Diana’s new song, asks her to pray for God’s intervention

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 29 Nov, 2021 16:18 | < 1 min read
Photo grid of Willy Paul and Diana Marua. PHOTO/COURTESY

On Sunday, singer Kelvin Bahati unveiled his wife Diana Marua to the music world in a colourful ceremony held at Trade Mark Hotel.

At the event, Diana or Diana B as she now calls herself, gave the audience a glimps of what her music craft is made of.

She made her debut into the music industry with a song Hatutaachana, a Hip Hop version of her song with Bahati Tutaachana Tu.

Diana's move to join music has, however, been met with love and criticism in equal measures from Kenyan musicians and music fans at large.

One of the people that have reacted to Diana's song and new venture is Willy Paul, her husband's music arch rival.

Asked in a presser what he thought of the song, Willy Paul busted into a sarcastic laughter before offering to give a peice of advice.

The move by the Saldido boss to laugh at the question was regarded by those present at the presser as a show of disrespect to Diana and undermining her work.

"Stop being stupid man!" a voice from the crowd is heard saying before he defended himself saying; "Guys stops making me laugh, people might think that I am laughing that the question."

After a few minutes of interruption from the fans, Pozze resumed the interview and advised Diana to keep working hard and pray so that she can succeed in her music career.

"I can tell Diana that the music journey is a tough one, she can ask Bahati (her husband). Music journey is tough but with hard work and prayer, God might answer her prayers" Willy Paul said amid laughter.

Explaining his laughter, Pozze said that the news about Diana venturing into music was a funny one.