Willy Paul decries unending hatred from Mr. Seed, other artistes

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 2 Oct, 2021 12:54 | 2 mins read
Singer Willy Paul. PHOTO/COURTESY

Controversial artiste Willy Paul has finally addressed damning allegations levelled against him by gospel musician Mr. Seed during a radio interview. Willy Paul accused Seed and his unnamed friends of hating on him despite the fact that he shows them compassion.

During the aforementioned interview, Seed alleged that Willy Paul never supports fellow artistes, saying that the Saldido Records CEO is too egocentric to help anyone.

The gospel artiste made the claim after he was taken to task by renowned radio host Willy M Tuva, to explain why he did not invite the Sitolia hitmaker to his star studded album launch.

Seed stated that it was pointless to send Willy Paul an invitation since he would not bother to turn up.

In his defence, Willy Paul has on Saturday October 2, 2021 stated that he is supportive of other artistes as he outlined instances where he came through specifically for Seed.

“Seed my brother kumbuka mema ya mtu kabla mabaya. Wewe ni ndugu yangu ulisema sijawai kusaidia anyone.. kumbuka I came to your event pale Huruma free na sio hio tu,” his post read in part.

Further absolving himself from the allegations, Willy Paul revealed how he played a vital role during the traditional wedding of Mr. Seed and his wife Nimoh.

He further narrated how the Papa God hitmaker and some of his unnamed friends in the gospel industry looked down on him when he was still not an established figure in the entertainment industry.

Ata kwa ruracio yako nika changa and I was even present. Remember zile siku I was a nobody na wewe na wasani wame make it mlikua mnani chekelea and making fun of me?” he added.

Willy Paul further stated that the artistes, who once despised him when he was a newbie, now expect support from him because his light has glimmered.

Sai that God has made a way for me ndio wewe na wenzako mnaona ubaya wangu? Hii chuki yote ninya nini? Is there something you’re not telling me?,” he concluded.