Prezzo comes clean on why he touched Betty Kyallo inappropriately live on TV

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Prezzo comes clean on why he touched Betty Kyallo inappropriately live on TV
Prezzo and Betty Kyallo. PHOTOS/Instagram (@bettymuteikyallo, @prezzo254)

Legendary rapper Jackson Makini alias Prezzo has denied claims that he was drunk when he seduced Betty Kyallo live on TV.

The rapper opened up about the incident which happened at KTN studio in January 2016 while speaking during a recent interview on POVPodcastKenya.

Prezzo stressed that he was not drunk at all when touched Betty inappropriately live on TV, adding that if he was intoxicated there was no way they would have allowed him to get to the studio.

"The thing is that when I went for that specific interview we linked up with the lady. We linked up like on a Wednesday and she told me I have this show why don't you pull up and so on and so forth. If I was intoxicated right once I walk through your studios and you see clearly this guy is intoxicated you wouldn't keep it running," Prezzo said.

"To prove my point, if they saw that side of me if they saw this guy is not qualified to be on this set they wouldn't have allowed me on that set," he added.

The 42-year-old rapper further noted that he did not do anything wrong because he was in his right state of mind.

"So which goes to show that I was in my right state of mind but you see had I had gone to that interview and been just like the rest then they wouldn't have been talking about me as much as they did. When you look at that interview right there is nothing wrong I did. I didn't abuse anybody, I didn't curse at anybody, I just did things the Prezzo way," Prezzo said.

Prezzo disclosed that he only wanted to trend when he was asked why he behaved the way he did live on television.

"I wanted to trend that day. And you know the only reason why I trended I because I did things my way. Again you know people talked about me to an extent whereby I had to go back and watch the interview again. But you see at the end of the day this is show business and at the end of the day you know like we are a bunch of us so what's gonna make you stand out? So you know as a celebrity it's a gift and a curse. Sometimes you may be misunderstood," Prezzo explained.

January 8, 2016 drama

Prezzo was hosted by Betty Kyallo on her show Friday Briefing at KTN where guests were given an opportunity to anchor the news.

The rapper showed up at the KTN studios for a routine interview and the whole thing went downhill in a matter of seconds.

Even before Betty properly introduced Prezzo, the rapper staggered up to her and gave her a hug. There were several such hugs.

And when Betty was addressing the viewers, announcing a short break, Prezzo stood up, stumbled towards her and yet again, threw his hands around her addressing the viewers alongside her.

At that point, Betty’s uneasiness started to manifest. She seemed to be at a loss on how to keep him at bay, keep him from touching her every so often and simply keep him calm and contained in his chair.

After the break, the same awkwardness continued. He would first announce that he did not ‘freestyle for free’ before dodging a question about the cost of his Louis Vuitton sneakers and then, yet again, extending his hand, touching Betty again and showering her with compliments.

At this point, Betty was already starting to freak out, she even had to invoke the powerful name of her journalist husband Dennis Onsarigo (she was still married to him at that time).

Unperturbed, Prezzo would look straight into the camera and remind Betty’s then-hubby that he was a lucky man.

The interview got worse after another break. Asked if he was seeing someone, Prezzo said; "Yes, I’m seeing Betty" before going off about 'dating himself’.

At some point, Betty was forced to ask for help from her director. “Please help me out here director,” she quipped.

Betty's then-husband Dennis Okara blasted Prezzo for inappropriate behaviour.

He tweeted: “Ati Prezzo has done what? I’m not anywhere near a TV. Someone update me on what’s going on at #FridayBriefing”

He later tweeted a message directed to his wife: “I’m really sorry babe @BettyOkari if what I’m reading on the interwebs is true. That kid didn’t deserve that stage #FridayBriefing

His last tweet was a direct criticism of Prezzo. He wrote: “It always puzzles me why some artists come LIVE on TV drunk. A free prime time opportunity thousands would die for. Despicable.”

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