Kajala reveals why she forgave Harmonize after all the drama

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On Wed, 25 May, 2022 12:57 | 3 mins read
Kalaja reveals why she forgave Harmonize after what he did to her
Kajala and Harmonize. PHOTO/Harmonize (@harmonize_tz)/Instagram

Fridah Kajala Masanja has reconciled with Harmonize a year after they broke up and became bitter enemies.

In a series social media posts, Harmonize revealed that Kajala forgave him and took him back though he didn't announce outright that they are together, but he disclosed they are meeting in person.

Harmonize and Kajala hit the gym

The Bongo singer further revealed that Kajala and him are now hitting the gym together and spending approximately 23 minutes working out every day.

He also referred to the Bongo Movies actress as his ‘wife’ while revealing that they worked out together at the gym.

Thanks for motivation wife. 23 minutes every day it feels like nothing. You made me a support man and a good boy again. Can’t wait working out together,” Harmonize wrote.

Harmonize reveals he has reconciled with Kajala
Harmonize reveals in a post he works out with Kajala at the gym. PHOTO/Harmonize(@harmonize_tz)/Instagram

Harmonize has also been commenting on Kajala's posts on Instagram ever since she unblocked him following their reconciliation.

The Bongo superstar announced that all was well as he heaped praise on her, saying that she is the best actress in Tanzania.

Harmonize comments on post made by Kajala on her Instagram account
Harmonize comments on a post made by Kajala on her Instagram account. PHOTO/Harmonize (@harmonize_tz)/Instagram

Kajala forgives Harmonize

Kajala revealed why she forgave Harmonize in a series of posts on social media where she shared quotes talking about forgiveness.

Kajala talks about forgiveness after getting back together with Harmonize
Kajala talks about forgiveness after getting back together with Harmonize. PHOTO/Kajala (@kajalafrida)/Instagram
Kajala talks about forgiveness after getting back together with Harmonize. PHOTO/Kajala (@kajalafrida)/Instagram
Kajala talks about forgiveness after getting back together with Harmonize. PHOTO/Kajala (@kajalafrida)/Instagram

Kajala got back together with Harmonize shortly after he bought her two Range Rover Evoques estimated to cost approximately Ksh5 million each.

The Bongo singer bought Kajala the first Range Rover Evoque – black in colour, sometime in early April 2020.

Harmonize decided to buy Kajala a second Range Rover Evoque – white in colour – hoping that she would accept his expensive gifts if they were two.

He imported the two secondhand Range Rover from South Africa. The two British machines ultimately arrived in Tanzania on May 13th 2022.

After buying her the two Range Rover Evoques, Kajala unblocked Harmonize on Instagram. Hawk-eyed netizens noticed the singer had liked a photo she posted.

Harmonize commented on Kajala's post after she unblocked him.
Harmonize commented on Kajala's post on Instagram shortly after she unblocked him. PHOTO/Kajala (@kajalafrida)/Instagram.

Harmonize and Kajala had a dramatic breakup in April 2021 after dating for a short period. They got into a relationship in September 2020 after the Bongo singer broke up with his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti.

The father of one however only officially introduced Kajala as his girlfriend to the public in February 2021 and two months later in April, they parted ways because of his infidelity.

Harmonize ruined his relationship with Kajala after he seduced her daughter Paula, he wanted to have an affair with the lass.

Kajala was forced to dump Harmonize in April 2021 after she caught him sending her daughter his birthday suit photos in a desperate bid to win her.

She blocked him on all platforms and for a year they both moved on with their lives until the Bongo singer launched a bid to reconcile and win her back.

Harmonize ultimately started pleading with Kajala to take him back after he broke up with his Australian girlfriend Brianna in early March 2022.

For two months, Harmonize desperately tried to win back his voluptuous girlfriend in vail, until he bought her two Range Rover Evoque.

Before gifting her the two Ranger Rover, Harmonize erected giant billboards which had photos of Kajala and him across Dar es Salaam, he also bought her expensive gifts.

However, the Bongo movies actress didn't flinch until he bought him the two Range Rover Evoque.

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