‘Weird flex?’- X-tian Dela faces backlash following his comment about his wife

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 27 Oct, 2021 10:55 | 2 mins read
X-tian Dela and his girl Fatma Banj. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM
X-tian Dela and his girl Fatma Banj. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

A joke gone wrong or a blatant display of ignorance, either way, X-tian Dela who has recently been ruffling feathers online came under fire after his 'weird flex' about his wife.

In a Facebook post, X-tian was seemingly applauding his wife Fatma Banj for 'snapping back' and healing in just three days after giving birth claiming she even reported back to work.

"Get yourself a wife who will give birth on Thursday and go to work on Monday like nothing ever happened!" he wrote.

Most netizens were quick to call him out asking X-tian to allow the new mom to rest, heal and take care of her newborn.

Here are some of the backlash comments sampled by K24 Digital;

@RepherM; "Nope, she needs rest! Social media isn't going anywhere."

@Chepchumba; "The baby needs her if at all her body doesn't need rest!"

@Kayukajr; "Stop pressurizing women, my friend. Your wife works at home and this is probably tbt!"

@Kenagwahimani; "Please stop with these fallacies. .. nkt! Get busy taking care of the baby instead."

@Mamanate; "Banjo there's no competition.. Yaaaye let your bones rest.. Omukhwana they paved the road for a whole human who'll click at you when you ask them to clean dishes.. Mwanamberi, please go back to your bed and heal. There is no known shortcut to this."

@Dansonmudits; "She seems lost let her rest.I thought you are a gentleman kumbe just a boy not having what is referred to as common sense."

@Nyamburamuiru; "Nonsense in high heels! There's a reason why people are given maternity leave and whatnot. Social media should not have you putting your wife's health at risk simply because you want likes. Such a crying shame."

@Emmaculategithara; "There is no super heroism in child birth. What's she needs is good food, comfortable clothing and lots of rest."

@Samuel Sure; "This ain't a flex bro and that's why they're given 3 months Maternity leave. Let not this social medial cheap publicity and clout chasing mess up with common sense. She needs time to heal and eat and rest. Stop her from messing up to herself. Her body."

@Princessfayie; "Do you think there is a trophy for that... She needs a lot of rest.. She will one-time experience postpartum depression... She may look ok but psychologically tortured."

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