Weezdom prides himself as ‘most loved man’

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On Wed, 27 Sep, 2023 16:25 | 2 mins read
Weezdom prides himself as 'most loved man'
Former gospel singer Weezdom with his fiancée Mylee Stacey. PHOTO/Weezdom(@weezdom254)/Instagram

Former gospel artiste Weezdom now claims he is the most loved man by his woman.

In a post on social media, the internet personality shared a snap looking hugged up with his fiancée Mylee Stacey saying any other man claiming to be the most loved lacks a sense of irony.

"Siamini kuna mwanaume yeyote duniani anayependwa na dem wake kuniliko….Na yama Yuko basi ni muongo tuu😊Mke wangu @MYLEE_STAICEY nakupenda zaidi❤️," he wrote on his Instagram.

This comes after Weezdom hailed praises to Mylee for sticking by his side during their troubled relationship until they finally reconciled and got engaged.

The entertainer who has confessed to cheating said Mylee remained loyal to him while he was broke and was facing some mental health challenges that ended up putting him in rehab.

"Wenye wanasema na'simp hawajui @mylee_staicey hakuniondokea time nilikuwa mlevi wa kila siku, depressed, broke and homeless. I ended up in a rehab but she could visit me there," he recalled.

Weezdom, Mylee reconcile

The lovebirds have had several nasty breakups in the public eye however, in a recent video Weezdom went public to plead for forgiveness.

The entertainer made the emotional plea during an episode of the reality show dubbed 'Take Me Home', where the artiste went down on his knees and expressed his deep remorse for the way their relationship had unravelled.

"Aki usiniache apa kwa magoti, nimepromise aki niambie kama utakua na mimi for the rest of your life," he pleaded.

He would later reshare a short version of the clip on Instagram writing;

"Sometimes we’re on, sometimes we’re off. Sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re not. Sometimes we’re together, sometimes we’re apart. But no matter what, you’re always in my heart❤️🙏," he wrote.

The two later mended their differences and are now engaged.

Weezdom's fiancée Mylee Stacey shows off her engagement ring. 
Weezdom's fiancée Mylee Stacey shows off her engagement ring.

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