‘We did a good job, I’m immensely proud’- Mwalimu Rachel on managing Sailors Gang

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 17 Jan, 2022 12:21 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of Sailors Gang quintet and former manager, Mwalimu Racheal. PHOTO/COURTESY

Radio personality Mwalimu Rachel is speaking up on her time with the popular Gengetone music group which has since gone silent, the Sailors Gang.

In an interactive moment on her Insta-stories, Rachel says regardless of their nasty fall-out with Sailors Gang, she is proud of her team and she believes they did an incredible job in managing the group.

She said: "Correct. And my team over at MRX and myself did a damn good job at it. I'm immensely proud,” she responded to a user who asked; “You once managed Sailors?”

She was also quick to shut down a fan who said she however messed up the upcoming musicians.

"Again, I will never defend myself here. My actions will speak louder. Mungu halali. This is why I'm at peace and people hate that," she said.

This comes barely weeks after one gang member Miracle Baby opened up following numerous questions on what happened to the group.

The singer who sounded bitter and frustrated stated that the group did not receive any support from Kenyans while they were experiencing difficulties with their management company although it all played out online.

“World mzima ilikua na ikaona tukinyang’anywa vitu zetu zote including: account zetu, doo zetu, deals za mamilioni zikapingwa na mnajua nani aliduu ivo… But ikanyamaziwa,” he ranted.

(The whole world silently watched and witnessed when everything was being taken away from us including our accounts, our money, and our million worth deals and y’all know who did this.)

With hits like ‘Wamlambez‘, ‘Wainame‘, ‘Pekejeng‘, the Gengetone quintet comprised of Peter Miracle Baby, Shalkido, QoqosJuma, Masilver and Lexxy Yung was one of the promising groups in the country.

Mwalimu who managed Sailors through her MRX Media company fell out with the quintet in a controversial way which culminated in the gang’s hiatus.

She accused Sailors Gang of breaching their contract by signing with a different record label behind her back. During that period, the gang was denied access to both their Youtube channel and their music.