Wasichana wa Nairobi wanakupenda – Inside comedienne Zeddy and Omar Lali’s Lamu meetup

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 5 Jun, 2021 15:30 | 2 mins read

Renowned Churchill Show comedienne Zainabu Zeddy has shared videos of herself with Omar Lali, the boyfriend of the late Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai.

In one of the latest recordings, the celebrated comedienne is seen embracing the famous beach boy as they converse in a seemingly joining manner.

In one instance, the comedienne is seen massaging Omar long beards and saying; "Wasichana wa Nairobi wanakupenda…kama kuna mtu ako hapa na wivu kama kitu ingine (Nairobi girls love you so much… there is somebody here feeling very jealous)".

Earlier on, Zeddy thrilled her fans after she shared pictures of herself with Omar Lali, the boyfriend of the late Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai.

According to the pictures, the two appeared jovial as they embraced each other for a photoshoot in Lamu

While sharing the images on her social media pages, Zeddy captioned them; “Omar lali amenishow ngombe hazeeki maini! inamaanisha nini? (Omar tells me that a cows liver never gets old! what does that mean?)”.

Zeddy has made news after she revealed her experience as a comedian performing on the Churchil Show.

In a 2020 interview with comedian Felix Oduor alias Jalang'o, Zeddy alleged instances of mistreatment by the organisers of the Churchil Show enterprise.

However, in a rejoinder comedian Daniel Ndambuki who runs the Churchill Show advised Zeddy to take an initiative geared at establishing her own brand instead of complaining of being denied stage performances.

"Now you are a brand, you even don't need to be a brand, you just need to have great content to change that social media to TV. You don't have to be on TV, you don't have to be on radio," Ndambuki advised in a July 19, 2020 episode of the show.

Omar Lali shot into the limelight following the death of Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai in May 2020.

Lali and Muigai were in a romantic affair despite the alleged disapproval of the latter’s parents.

Circumstances of her death sparked controversy leading to the arrest of Lali who was treated as the prime suspect.

Tecra is said to have tumbled down the stairs of a house they had rented in Lamu, to her death.

A post-mortem report showed that she died of injuries consistent with a fall.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, however, dropped murder charges against Omar after the outcome of the investigations failed to link him to murder.