Unbelievable photos of Vera Sidika when she was still tarmacking before fame and money

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Unbelievable photos of Vera Sidika when she was still tarmacking before fame and money
Old photos of Vera Sidika before fame and money. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

It’s been over 10 years since Vera Sidika became a household name in Kenyan showbiz. Not much is known about her life before fame.

Vera was born at Agha Khan Hospital in Mombasa on September 30 1989 to her parents who are originally from Western Kenya.

Vera Sidika while she was still a kid growing up in Mombasa. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

She was raised in the coastal city for the better part of her childhood as her parents lived and worked in Mombasa.

Vera pursued her primary and secondary education at schools in the coastal region where she was born and raised.

Vera Sidika while she was in high school. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

Vera Sidika acting debut

By 17, Vera’s career was already taking off as she participated in various grassroots beauty contests and fashion shows.

She also bagged acting gigs where she sharpened her skills as a thespian.

Vera Sidika appearing in a local film. PHOTO/Screengrab.

Vera left Mombasa and moved to Nairobi in 2009 to join Kenyatta University (KU) to pursue a degree in Art and Design.

It was while she was a student at KU that she burst into the limelight in a spectacular way – as a video vixen.

Vera Sidika when she was still an upcoming actress. PHOTO/Screengrab.

Her breakthrough came in 2012 when she featured as the main video vixen in P-Unit’s single ‘You Guy’ which made her the talk of the nation thanks to her humongous booty.

Vera Sidika after she debuted as a video vixen. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

Vera became the most sought-after video vixen in Kenya after the P Unit debut, she appeared in Prezzo’s single, ‘My Gal’ in 2014.

By 2014, Vera had accumulated millions which she used to fund her lavish lifestyle. That same year she underwent a cosmetic surgery that changed her physical appearance.

Vera Sidika immediately after she underwent a skin lightening procedure in UK. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

The socialite bleached her entire body from head to toe in a procedure she claimed cost her a whopping Ksh15 million.

Speaking during an interview on a local TV station on June 6, 2014, the socialite explained that she bleached her entire body because ‘looking good was what earned her money’.

“Looking good is my business. My body is my business, nobody else’s but mine,” Vera Sidika said.

Vera further noted that she had seen an increase in demand for her services after she underwent the skin lightening procedure in UK.

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