Vera Sidika responds after being slammed for wearing Ksh350 sandals in New York

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On Mon, 11 Sep, 2023 10:21 | 2 mins read
Vera Sidika rocking black sandals in New York City. PHOTO/Instagram (@queenveebosset)

Vera Sidika was forced to defend her reputation for rocking pricey brands after being trolled for wearing cheap sandals in New York City (NYC)

The mother of two was seen slaying at the famous Times Square in NYC while clad in brown shades, a white t-shirt, blue pants and black sandals.

"Disturbing New York. The guy in blue thou 😂," Vera Sidika captioned her post.

Critics were quick to notice Vera Sidika's sandals which they claimed were super cheap.

Some wondered how the socialite, who is known for her flamboyance, could stoop low to wear 'Ksh350' sandals in New York.

Pia wewe you can wear sandals za 350?” A netizen asked Vera Sidika.

In a quick rejoinder, Vera Sidika clarified that the sandals she was wearing were actually Hermes Oran designer footwear.

The socialite further claimed that the cheap-looking sandals actually cost her a staggering Ksh99,400.

“FYI: These are Hermes Oran sandals & cost $700 (Ksh 99,400),” Vera Sidika said.

Finer things in life

Vera Sidika prefers the finer things in life and as such she often blows a lot of money buying simple things at exorbitant prices - like recently she spent over half a million shillings to import a bed for her daughter.

Vera caused lots of brouhaha after she spent a whopping Ksh548,000 on the bed that she imported from the UK.

Reacting to doubting Thomases, Vera gave a breakdown of the costs totalling to Ksh548,000.

"Y'all too dramatic in comments. Bed: £1770. Shipping: £1226. Total: £3000. That's Ksh548,000. Of course, the bed can't grow wings and fly itself to Kenya," she wrote.

Her daughter's bed is not the first she imported into the country. On March 23, 2015, Vera Sidika took to social media to show off a Ksh1 million bed she bought.

Vera posted the luxury bed on her Instagram page which she said she bought for $11,500 or Ksh1,046,500 as per the 2015 dollar/shilling exchange rate.

My motto; To simply wake up every morning a better person than when I went to bed. My Girls still can’t get over the fact that I got this bed for 11,500$. Oh well, they don’t understand the feeling,” she wrote.

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